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Murphy.... Oh Murphy...




Quoted from Gemma: 

I have loved reading this thread! You are doing such a great job focusing and eliminating those debts, one by one! You were at $90K when you started this thread and you already have $80K in your sights! Amazing! I've been a member of this forum for many years and haven't posted in ages but had to jump in to give you my congratulations and encouragement as you carry on in this journey. You won't regret it. The peace debt freedom provides is unparalleled!

I think your spouse sounds more on-board than you think they are! Maybe some of the DR principles don't resonate with them, and that's fine... but it sounds like they are working with the budget and really listening to your conversations about spending. That is a MAJOR part of the battle when one partner isn't on board. It sounds like your spouse is being a support to the plan rather than making it more difficult - that is HUGE!

Anyhow, hope the wedding was lovely and the time together was a nice treat. Looking forward to following your debt payoff progress!

Gemma, thank you so much for coming out of the shadows to encourage me! Thank you sooooo much!!! I think you're right about Spouse being on board more than I realize. I think that it would be much more difficult if Spouse wasn't on board with the budget.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to go to the wedding...

When we woke up on Thursday morning, Bubbles had peed on the floor. I knew something was wrong. The last time she did that was years ago when she had gotten sick. Sure enough, she was having an adverse reaction to her medication (for the tumor). I couldn't leave her with the dog sitter, knowing that she wasn't feeling well. I took her to the vet and was told her dosage was probably too high. Trial and error, I guess. Poor thing vomited in the Oncologist's waiting room. She gets to take a break from meds for a few weeks before trying a lower dose.

Murphy was trying his hardest to hitch along with Spouse to the wedding. After driving for about 4 hours, the rental car broke down. Spouse had to get it towed to the nearest Budget and wait 3 hours before getting back on the road. It ended up working out in our favor because we got a partial refund and Spouse was planning to stop for gas just before the break-down. So, with the new car came a full tank that we weren't responsible for!

Well, that must've irked Murphy because at around 1:00pm, when Spouse was getting back on the road, I was taking Bubbles for a walk. We were crossing the parking lot to get to the dumpster to throw away her baggie when Murphy pushed me over the speed bump!

I have no idea what really caused me to trip but it was a tough one, that's for sure! Since I was a groomer (read as: my hands make all my money) for so many years, I developed an instinct to protect my hands.

So, as I feel, I landed on both knees and rolled onto my back with enough momentum to get some light (but painful) road rash on my back. Also, I sprained my ankle in the process.

2 bloody knees

1 sprained ankle

Minor road rash

Minimal bruising

Thanks Murphy. How sweet of you!

So, I decided not to cancel the pet sitter. She ended up caring for a human also. LoL

When everything was said and done, we ended up $100 under budget for the wedding. Bubbles is feeling better, I'm feeling better, and spouses getting some much-needed rest after all of that driving.

So much for any dresses in my near future. These knees are horrible!! This pic is after almost 5 days of healing! This is going to take a while. Murphy, thanks for the visit. It was eventful, but you didn't cost me a dime!



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