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Thank You All




Thank you all for your encouragement! I L. O. V. E. this forum!!!! 

FPMomma, You are sooooooo close to BS7! How exciting!!!! Chris and Kelvan, Thank you soooo much for even caring about my updates 

I am so thankful to just have a place to come and share my progress. My friends at work are really starting to see that I'm "weird." Most of my family says, "that's nice" when I talk to them about what we are trying to accomplish.

There's one guy at work that seems to be a little inspired by me in a weird way. He is my favorite person on our team because we are SUPER competitive with each other. Everyone else on the team takes the competition to heart and they get their feelings hurt when they are losing. He and I just click and we know when to push each other and when it's time to back down   

The day that I cut off my blue bracelet, he mentioned that he made a $1,000 payment toward a credit card that he was trying to pay off. Today, we were talking about when we were going to have our cars paid off since he owes about the same amount that I do. Hmmmmm.... I wonder if I can talk him into making that a competition... LoL   We can start with the same balance and see who can pay their car off the fastest 


That reminds me, Spouse is coming around to being a little more on board with the whole process! 

Just to re-cap, the reason I'm not doing the debt snowball in the correct order is because Spouse wanted to pay all non-student loan debt first using highest interest rates first. For a long time, Spouse has been saying that we can pay off the cards, but once they are paid, we would "be fine having regular debt (like the car loan).

Yesterday, Spouse agreed to go to FPU with me as long as there aren't any "crazy Christians" (not too sure what that encompasses exactly) AND when we were having our budget meeting, I asked Spouse if they wanted to tackle the car after this credit card is over, or if they wanted to take a break while I worked on one of my loans to give them a break from the tight budget and  just to get more blow money.

Spouse says, "We can just tackle the car and get it out of the way."      Sooooo exciting!!!! Yay!!! 

I was listening to an old DR podcast where a guy called in asking if the DVD home study was better than the Online version. DR asked him why he wouldn't take the in-person course. The guy's answer was something along the lines of, "I'm not a church-going person and I don't want to be made to pray or do something I'm not comfortable with." DRtold him that if anyone makes him, to RUN because those people are too much! He says that the class isn't like Bible study. While the principals are biblical, the course is meant to apply to everyone. 

That made me feel better about Spouse's concerns with going to church. Last time Spouse went to a church, it was to take pictures for some special event they were having, the pastor made it his mission to make sure we knew we were going to hell in a hand basket if we didn't repent and turn from our wicked ways. 

It was embarrassing since we were sitting in the front pew (to get nice pictures) and the pastor went from preaching about tithing to standing in front of us and, all of a sudden, changing his sermon to damn those of us who live in sin to the eternal fires of hell. He stood in front of us and looked down at us the ENTIRE time. It was horrible... but we're married now so I guess we're not living in sin anymore... I don't know... Who cares? 

I found an FPU class that starts the weekend that we get back from the wedding in Montana. I signed us up and am having the kits expedited since the following classes won't start until August and September. 

We finally used our clothing envelope to buy some clothes for the wedding, We didn't have enough for Spouse's shoes though. Instead of whining about it, Spouse just asked if we could adjust July's budget for shoes since June's budget is already written.    I keep falling in love all over again!



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