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Bubbles and Work




Still waiting on test results for Bubble-licious. The results so far are best case scenario thus far. X-rays are clear, the cortisol suppression tests came back indicating that the tumors aren't producing their own cortisol (apparently, a good thing). I wish I could push the doctors along (read: clear up these clouds).

Patience... ohmmmmmm

In other news, I found out that my application for a new position didn't post. I'm going to work, on my day off, to meet with my HR rep to review my resumé before submitting it again (for the first time?).

I'm kicking butt at work though! For March, I had the 8th highest rating (out of 400-500 people) and for April I actually made it to #4! There's no reason I should not get this promotion!


Wish me luck!!

------------------------------May 14th--------------------------------------

n the meantime, I found out that we can treat Bubbles without Chemo, instead it will be a different medication. I think we should be able to start it this week. Then, we have to schedule another diagnostic test a week after she starts it to see if she is responding.


*Hoping for the best* These storm clouds are killing me. They need to pass quickly.



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