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Update: $84K and Shrinking




Here's the monthly update under storm cloud conditions.

Credit Cards:

Chevron     $2,313 

Capital 1     $1,879 (down by $120 since last update)

Amazon      $6,564 (down by $70)


Non-Card Debt

Car              $11,724 (down by $472) 

Phone         $54      (down by $290)


Student Loans    

Loan 1       $4,043   (down by $3) 

Loan 2       $4,972   (down by $3)

Loan 3       $8,167   (down by $3)    

Loan 4       $5,559   (down by $8)

Loan 5       $5,651   (down by $6)    

Loan 6       $4,531   (down by $13)        

Loan 7       $7,649   (down by $1) 

Loan 8       $4,455   (down by $13)   

Loan 9       $8,053   (down by < 50 cents) 

Loan 10     $3,478   (down by $5) 

Loan 11     $8,060   (down by $1)


GRAND TOTAL (as of April 28, 2017)


Which is a difference of $727.64 since the March 31st update


It's not the best update but it really does give a new appreciation/understanding to cash flowing things. When people are doing their Debt Free screams and they would say something like, "We've paid off $XX,000 in Y months AND we cash flowed a wedding..." I used to just focus on the payment and the time frame. I mean, who cares if you cash flowed something? NOW, it amazes me because it's usually a pretty sizable amount! Cash flowing isn't easy. You do it to protect your BEF and your snowball. This month, We paid $942.45 in vet costs for Bubbles' diagnostic testing to figure out what kind of cancer we are dealing with (All the results will be in next week). 


While I "only" paid down the debt by $700 in the last month, knowing that we are taking steps in the right direction gives me a sense of calm.    The clouds will pass and all will be well. 

-----------------------------------April 29th-------------------------------------

 On 4/29/2017 at 5:08 AM, kelvan80 said:

Hey and your phone is almost done so you'll have that income back in your budget


Yeah, but it's the MOST ANNOYING debt. Since that phone is Leased, Sprint won't allow me to pay it off early. I have to wait until July 10th when the last payment will be applied. It SUCKS! I keep looking at the bracelet that represents the phone and I get soooooo mad! I have to wait 3 whole months before cutting it off! They let me pay off the purchased phone but not the stupid leased one  



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