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Work and Bracelets



I actually had lunch with the big boss last week for being a top performer. He asked about them. I told him that they represented the debt that I accrued by making silly decisions.

I followed it up by saying that after analyzing the data I realized that needed a plan to address it. The bracelets simply provide a creative visual for me to stay focused. 

Then, I tied it into my performance at work :)

"These bracelets have actually have been saving this company a lot of money... I started my journey tackling my own finances on Feb. 1st. My performance at work has increased since then. I went from being ranked #30 out of the 500 people here to being in the top 10 for the month of February. These bracelets are the reason I'm having lunch with you today."

He must've liked it because he encouraged me to apply for a new position so that I can use that focus and drive to save the company even more money. Working on the resume now.


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