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Grocery Shopping




I just wanted to say that I am soooo proud of Spouse! 

Spouse wanted to take over grocery shopping. Fine by me! Spouse went shopping for the last 3 weeks with Envelope in hand. I wasn't too thrilled last week when we didn't have eggs because "they weren't on sale." 

I came home today and Spouse is beaming! "Look in the fridge! I got eggs! I ask got cake, stuff for smores, and STEAK..." 

Umm... I was getting worried. LoL

Spouse says, "... and you can't get mad because I have $40 in savings and there's still $6 in the envelope! We also have regular food for this week!!!"

*Sighs in relief* FYI, I never find $40 in savings when I go to the store. This is soooo helpful :)



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