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March 3rd: $88K and dwindling



I am so exhausted after this week's overtime, It's time for a milestone update!  


I am $88K in debt! Still daunting, but doable. 


Here it is... in all of its treacherous glory. (I've rounded the change for the list, but the total includes every penny)


Credit Cards:

Chevron     $2,313 

Capital 1     $3,920

Amazon      $6,730  


Non-Card Debt

Car              $11,724  

Phone         $344       


Student Loans    

*these have not changed since the first post. I only changed their order to mimic the disbursement order

Loan 1       $4,052      

Loan 2       $4,977 

Loan 3       $8,176     

Loan 4       $5,572  

Loan 5       $5,664    

Loan 6       $4,545         

Loan 7       $7,650   

Loan 8       $4,469      

Loan 9       $8,053     

Loan 10     $3,483     

Loan 11     $8,060   


GRAND TOTAL (as of March 3, 2017)



I'm pretty proud of us! In 31 days, we've managed to save $1000 AND Pay off Chevron's $2,266 + $47 interest! BOOM!! 

I have worked nearly 33 hours of overtime from Feb. 1st until today. I would like to increase this but It's not always available. 


My goal by March 31st is to get the Capital One card paid off! Two cards in two months?? Too much??


Ok. well, my "low end" goal is to get it under $2,000..... However, I am going to reach for the stars and throw everything I can at it! 


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