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Gave myself a talking to




I gave myself a good talking to, and now I think I am ready to conquer the mess. I have to get the clutter out of my house. Started yesterday moving a bunch of stuff, more to go tomorrow. I need to paint all the rooms (8 rooms and a stairwell), one at a time. I made a list of the rooms from worst to best, and I think that's the order to paint them in. I need to figure out how much paint and primer and stuff to get...thank goodness my sister and my dad are both good at that!


I just need to not give up, to do what I need to do to get my house sold at a decent price and move on. I listed my first item of furniture on Letgo and I've already gotten three inquiries about it! Kinda proud of that. I have four more big pieces of furniture to sell, and an outdoor bench and small table. And a car. I own a 1980 Porsche 924 that hasn't run for several years, and I keep asking my DH if we can sell it. Well guess what, you don't keep an asset like that if your house is in foreclosure! And it's in my name. He's spent well more than what that car is worth on things that I can't even talk about! I'm gonna sell so much stuff that the cat will think she's next. :)

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Good for youI am sorry that your hand has been forced into this, but you should be proud of your progress. I will keep you in my thoughts.

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Love that you have an organized plan. Being able to push forward is a positive step that serves to point you towards moving on to the start of healing.


Best wishes...

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Awww, my friend, just reading this now. Let me know if I can help from far away. PM if necessary.

Are things still moving in that direction? It looks like this post is a couple months old. (Hugs)

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I've sold some big items, and I'm still decluttering.  Not fast enough though.  And we are arguing a lot.  I hate the fact that the only time we can be on the same page is if it is HIS page.  I even told him I didn't want to be married to him any more, but he talked me into staying.

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