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Spring Break!




Winter quarter ended last week, boy am I glad! I went into it thinking it would be easy but I feel as if though I suffered quite a bit. :) I decided that due to a couple of planned out of state trips in the next 3 months, that going to school Spring quarter might be pushing it. So my plan is to go back this summer and either do 1 or both of my final 2 classes needed for the AA.


April brings a 2-day fitness convention [put on by the format I teach] in Pittsburgh. I am really looking forward to meeting some like-minded people, learning what I can, to come home and make my classes even better.

For 10 days in May-June, DH and I will embark on a camping road trip from Seattle(-ish) to Vegas and back. I look forward to using smart budget-friendly Pinterest ideas for food/meals/prep, enjoying the time off with DH and hopefully strengthening our relationship. We are meeting friends in their timeshare in Vegas for a couple days, then driving home. Already have our campsites reserved and road trip mapped out. Less than $90 for lodging alone! :)



We have no clue how old the previous mattress was, but the new one is definitely a positive change so no regrets here on the purchase!! As for the wedding: DH picked up the slack for the entire troop of groomsmen, covering their tux rentals at Men's Wearhouse up-front until they could pay him back [We have slowly been making headway on debt, but a cashflowed mattress replacement & my husband's being a best man in a wedding this month are the true reasons for the "slowly" bit.


We have no clue the age of the previous mattress, but the new one is amazing - no regrets! As for the wedding: DH picked up the slack for the entire troop of groomsmen, covering their tux rentals at Men's Wearhouse up-front until they could pay him back [which was not planned for... at all.]



Now for the positive financial-related things that happened since my last blog entry:

1. DH got his IRA setup and now has pay deductions occurring every week. I think his company does a full match until he reaches his contribution max for the year - I don't quite understand it100% and don't have paperwork to look at - just seeing the paystubs. But the first week of his retirement deductions he put $55 into the account and his work matched him with another $55. Pretty cool, I am just proud of him for finally getting this set up. It had been on my mind for a while that if he didn't start ASAP he would be suffering in the long term!

2. I got a raise! It was in part due to my position falling in a Metro area workgroup. Their payscale is higher and I was 'behind', having come in from a rural area workgroup. Because I was given a West Region Engineering & Construction Excellence award for 3rd QTR 2016 as well as awarded the final 2016 award, I got a gaudy desk clock and a 9% raise. :D I'll take it!

3. DH got a raise, unexpectedly. Boss told him one payday that they "threw a little something extra in there for him". He looked at his stub and they'd bumped him another $1. That is $2 in about 3 months, definitely not complaining. He has been taking on more responsibility and is a Lead tech due to high turnover the past several months.


Now that I have a little bit more spare time, I am hoping to spend more time here at LLNOE boards, helping me to stay on track and make the right/smart choices. I was so giddy when I realized today I don't have to go to class tonight, so what the heck should I do with myself?! I am hoping that DH brings home some of the "pay-back cash" and I can hit the grocery store and get some meal prep done!! Fingers crossed. (Until then it's pantry/freezer clean out status for us, LOL!)

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