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No hours left in the day!




I am back in college this quarter, taking 2 classes. I have done school on and off for years, but I know I need to buckle down and finish getting that associate's. My mom and I are kind of in a race, to see who can get their bachelor's faster :lol: It's kinda fun. Obviously she has the advantage of being ahead of me already, but it's fun to share and joke with her. Anyway, being a student sucks the time out of my week. There is a lot of basic structured homework (online, business algebra) and then there is a LOT MORE homework and peer work in my Technical Writing class (in person). Oddly, though, as much as I have to pour time into it, I love that class and look forward to the evening class sessions and spending time with my peers. What gives...

Plan is to keep doing 2 classes per quarter. At that rate I should have my ATA by Christmas.


I am teaching fitness classes now, 3x/week and it provides a little bit of a side income. Nothing that I super depend on, but it's a nice motivator and keeps me exercising because I have to be there for class. I took a training last February and started the Saturday AM classes up in April. I teach a bootcamp style class 2 nights per week as well - I was a sub before, but the studio's owner asked if I could take some permanent time slots, so I obliged.


My actual (ha!) job is going swimmingly. I still love what I do, everything changes and evolves over time, such as the project scopes I am involved in or the processes - lots of mergers and reorganization - but I am generally quite happy with my gig and my peers.


Husband mentioned last week that we should "go back to budgeting hardcore again".. Coming from him, I knew $#!+ was serious. In the past, I was the one who took the hardcore budget nazi role, but he's right. We've slacked and although we're 'fine', things could be much better. I ran numbers into the snowball calculator and the VISA can be paid off by Halloween. But I am pushing for summer time instead, just gotta get creative. DH is on board, which is music to my ears, and is all that matters to me at the moment!


My retirement is something I never chose to halt for long, so I've been saving and increasing my % regularly. However, I was having anxiety about DH's retirement. At 26, he still doesn't have a retirement savings. After months of bringing it up/putting it off, I finally told him last week that I would really like for us to set up his account, NOW. He agreed and we have an appointment Thursday. DH's work does not offer a 401k so he will be setting up an IRA. I think the next difficult step will be ensuring that he sets up a decent % to save, because he will not be used to having money taken out of his pay checks. I just hope there is an easy way to deduct the $ automatically so DH doesn't "feel" it, but he is paid by check and the workplace also does not offer direct deposit. So I think it's going to have to be manual?? Ugh..


Mom is treating us, and several of my family members to the Rachel Cruze event in Seattle next week. Dinner, then the talk :) She is super excited, so am I. Couldn't have come at a better time.


Anyway, that's us in a nutshell this afternoon. I'm always more gazelle when I am here, so here I am.

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Welcome back, gazelle Gelly!  It's good to read an update about your life--such a busy one!  I've missed your posts, and I'm happy to see you active again!

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Good to see you Gelly. He can just sign up for a roth ira online with vanguard or fidelity. Probably cheaper than whoever you set up an appointment with. Then setup Ayn automatic bank account withdrawal to hit once a month or twice a month to coincide with his paychecks.

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I just set up Roth accounts with Vanguard last month and it was super easy. I picked the Target Retirement account and so didn't even need to choose funds. Auto-deposits are definitely the way to go so it's done for you (next best thing since you can't deduct it from his paycheck. You guys are in a great place!

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