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I'm back and everything is different!




Wow - It's been a while and a lot has happened - actually - everything that could have happened has indeed happened.


I can't stay on long - but here is where we are:


I moved into my own two bedroom apartment in December of 2015.


In Feb of 2016 I was laid off after 10 years.


I freaked out - totally freaked out. Got very depressed - got suicidal - wanted to simply not be anywhere anymore - no job, no husband, no divorce, no friends - it was a really crappy three months - like really really really really horrible. I never want to be in such a dark place again.


In March of 2016 my divorce was final.


In April I got a great contracting job. I loved the job but I hated being a contractor - so I kept job hunting daily to get on with a software company in a staff position.


In September I found a full time position at a computer company that I love!!!! I no longer work from home - which is wonderful as that was really contributing to my depression. It was bad - not leaving the house - some days I wouldn't get dressed - when I was depressed I didn't eat for days. Feb - April of 2016 was one of the very worst periods of my life.


In November I bought a house. My rent went from 755 (special move in price) to 935, which made me mad and I had the cash so I bought a house - my mortgage including taxes is 955 so I'm good on that. (Yes I put more than 20% down on the house).


Last week - I put in a hot tub. Last night I got in my very own hot tub for the very first time and it was WONDERFUL!!!!


Finances have been in better shape - and for the first time in my life I have some CC debt, about 8K - but I'm going to go after it (I have more than enough in savings to pay it off outright - but I want to keep the cash)- I paid for the Hot tub in cash - and I KNOW I should have paid off the cc before buying a hot tub - but dang it - life is short - I'm driving a 13 year old car, I'm divorced and I'll never have kids - I had a CRAPPY THREE YEARS and I wanted a hot tub - so I got one.

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Good to see you! I remember you well and I am kinda/sorta/lurking back here again, myself. The hot tub certainly sounds nice. I know some days I just need a soak (in my bath tub) with some essential oils/salts and let my stresses dissipate.


Not going to harp on you about anything; you know what you need to do. I am so glad you have pulled thru that low and are now in a decent job and your OWN HOUSE! eek!

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Great to see you--Freedom10--and you--Gelly--back on here!  It's not the same without you!


Freedom10, didn't you get a little doggy at some point too?

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Welcome back - it sounds like you've had a lot to deal with in the last few years, and now you're gaining control over the things you can.  

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Well, I'm not the most gazelle intense person here anyway, so no wet noodles from me. Sounds to me like you are doing the best you can, and hopefully things will only get better from here on out. I'm head go hear from you and to know that you are okay.

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It's good to be back.


I used money from the divorce (we had a ton of savings) to put money down on the house.  I wanted to ensure that my mortgage payment including taxes and insurance would not be more than 1K a month.  No matter what happens I can afford that.


The good thing is the house was pretty much turn key - nice appliances - washer and dryer - 

I left the marriage with not much regarding furniture.


I bought a couch for 700.00 from Value City - it is leather and has a stain on the back (originally over 1K retail I got a discount because of the discoloration) but no one sees the back so it's fine with me.

I bought a new television set.

I bought two counter height stools for the kitchen (I don't have a dining room table yet, and as it's just me I'm happy to wait on that)

All of that I paid for in cash.


I bought a hot tub for 5K - again in cash.

Paid the electrician to hook it up - 350 in cash.


But over 2016 I did rack up 8K in credit card debt, 2K of that was lawyer fees, the rest I honestly don't know - probably from when I was laid off, and got my apartment.  When I was living with my roommate I didn't have ANYTHING furniture wise, so when I moved into the apartment I needed things - I bought a vacuum cleaner, pots and pans, a casper mattress, a bedframe, a couple of lamps, an office desk, a coffee table.  Essentially everything needed for a kitchen.  Knives, cutlery, dishes etc.  I bought cheap stuff that I am still using - but I'm guessing that those purchases probably were most of the CC debt - plus moving cost 600.00, and my car got hit and my deductible was 500 - so the 6K I am sure came from all of that.  


.  Now here's the deal - in the divorce I was also given 80K in a savings account. (This is untouched, I did not use any of that money on the downpayment for the house)  I want to keep that cash - so my plan is to pay off my credit card debt in chunks - say 800 to 1K a month.  That way I will feel comfortable knowing that I have cash if need be - and my interest rate is only 10%.  Which honestly I can handle knowing that I have the cash on hand.  If I lose my job - if something terrible happens - I don't need a CC to handle it - I've got cash.


I KNOW this is not the DR way - I KNOW I should use the savings and pay off the CC immediately - but being on my own and having the security of cash - plus knowing I CAN pay off the debt at any time makes me feel safe.  That is my only debt.  


Yes I could have put the 5K for the hot tub onto pay down the credit card - but like I said - life is short - and I've wanted this since the day I left my ex and it makes me happy dang it. It really makes me happy. 


So I've committed to paying 800 to 1K a month against the CC and NO - I'm not putting anything else on it - everything else is cash flow - and I'm living a very paired down lifestyle.  I have dinner out once a week - I quit drinking - I'm TRYING to quit smoking but that's a little harder - I do have cable - but I'm going to drop to just internet after the superbowl.  I pack lunch everyday - my commute is 8 miles each way, so I think between being very financially cautious I can easily get back to saving.


For the summer - I know I will need to buy a lawnmower - a shovel - a weedwacker.  I'd like to get a grill and some patio furniture - but I'm willing to go cheap and used for all of that - I just need to be aware of the expenses that may be coming and get ready to cash flow them while still paying off the CC.  

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