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2017 Goals (aka Dream Big or Go Home)




2016 Goals:


1) Pay off BBT

2) Open and fully fund two Roth IRAs

3) FFEF of $12,000


Dreaming of.....


1) Refinishing the wood floors on the first floor of our house

2) Installing wood floors in the upstairs bedrooms ($2k, diy)

3) Dormering out the upstairs of our cape cod to make walk-in closets for each bedroom before our 23 yo house needs a new roof (diy)

4) Refacing kitchen cabinets and painting them (dh would make new doors himself)

5) Replacing falling apart dining table/chairs

6) Attending FPU with dh in an attempt to win him over to DR

7) Attacking the mortgage. I feel shackled by our $1200/month house payment, and it is a constant reminder of our stupid tax of refinancing and borrowing wildly against our equity. After 23 years, we owe $185k on our $92k house. Grrrr.


Well, it's been a year and the list got a little shorter! Dormering out the upstairs to add walk-in closets is on the radar, as dh informs me we need a roof. We lost shingles this month during some high winds. I've never been so happy to need a roof. It's going to make all the difference in the storage space in our house, and be great for resale someday. Then it makes sense to replace the flooring in the two upstairs bedrooms after that construction is done. I love being married to Tim the Tool Man who can make all my remodeling dreams come true.

Our cabinets are painted and my kitchen looks so different! In order to finish the kitchen, we need about $2k, which I think could happen in 2017 too. Here are my goals for 2017:

1) Fully fund two ROTH IRAs

2) Walk-in closets/roof/flooring for upstairs

3) Finish kitchen, including table and chairs

4) Put $80k on mortgage when estate settles in spring, then pay down $2k/month which should make us mortgage-free in 3 years!

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Just keeping track of balances so I can look back:


$35,012 in dh's Roth

$ 8,856 dh's old IRA

$28,837 my Roth

$65,034 my 403 b


Total: $137,739

Mortgage $44k


Looking forward to the end of 2021, would love to hit $155k in retirement and end the year with $22k owed on the mortgage. Once the 2021 Roths are filled, I would love to go hog wild on the mortgage and knock it out, then go back and fill the 2022 Roths since we have until April 15th, 2023.

Biggest projects that are next on the list are adding an egress window/window well to the guest basement bedroom, putting in a new front walkway, and building a bigger shed.

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On 7/31/2017 at 10:24 AM, DebtBgone said:

Roughly $1,500/month towards retirement over the next 4 years while we pay down the mortgage, hopefully will have about $150k in retirement at that point.

Well, it's about four years later, and we did hit $150k in retirement! "Life" certainly has happened but everything is performing well which helped get us here.  I wanted to do another break down:


$31,288 in my Roth

$42,386 in dh's Roth

$9,323 in old IRA

$69,720 in my 403b


$152,717 total



I also have $4.951 in my HSA.  Mortgage is $38k right now.

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I keep track of yearly totals in all of those accounts. It's encouraging to see growth year after year. Even in a down year where things stay pretty flat, usually the next few years do more than make up for it and that mortgage will be gone in no time. Great work!

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Just for the record...we are maxing out retirement this year in a poorly performing market, but plugging along. Total balance is about $170k.

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