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It's August!



It's a new month and I'm determined to make our budget work and get back on track! My goal is to get all of the baby steps in the budget, with our 10% gross to giving and a min $1000 snowball.


I want to convert the traditional iras to Roth, but need to do some tax planning to see if we can afford to do it this year. My health insurance is also going up so need to review that as well.


I would like to automate our 15% retirement so we can finally be consistent with BS4. I have automated the 529 contributions, and have been impressed with the growth so far. It has inspired me to move more of our retirement funds over to Vanguard and just use one or two index funds. The fees are so low on the Admiral funds!


It will be scary to automate the 15% since our budget is so tight and BS4 is always the first to go, but I am determined to make it happen. We have following DR too long to not be making any progress with the baby steps. We have been in the house two years now, and have not made even one extra payment to the mortgage!


I do still want to pay off the house early, but we still have a long list we are working through. $So our snowballs will still be going toward the list for a while:


The list of upcoming projects/expenses:


Finish Deck Project; Stain deck, balcony and front porch, approx $1000. I would like to do this in August and hoping to come in way under budget.

DH - dental work - he needs an implant that we have been putting off for way too long. We need to get a real quote but I think they cost $1500-2000.

Beater Car - 1k or less. We would like buy a nicer SUV in a few years, but sharing a car with the baby is way too difficult, so our solution is to buy a beater to get him to work and back.


I am looking to add a bookkeeping client for 10 hours a week. I have been stalking CL and trying to reach out to people who may have some work for me, but nothing has turned up yet. DH picked up some recipe development work for Aug sot that's a big help.


Right now our snowball is $678.


We also need to pay back the sinking funds we used last month.


Our birthday's and anniversary are this month, but we will have to just play with the baby and enjoy the pool for our entertainment! I took him swimming for the first time this weekend, and he loved it!! I bought him the cutest little hat and long sleeved spf bathing suit on amazon. I had really wanted to do a mini road trip and one night at a hotel for our anniversary, but we'll see. Maybe we can squeeze it in at the end of the month.


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Thanks!  His recipe development project is delayed.. took it out of Aug income, and with it, the 15% to retirement and a few sinking funds. We had our nieces this weekend and overspent. I am feeling so discouraged!  

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