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sooo ready for August!



Well, it's been quite a month, and July is not even over yet! I think I'm going to hide out in our bedroom with the baby until it is, just in case!!


We fixed the balcony, replaced the boiler, and bought the pool fence. The boiler completely died two hours before the new one was delivered, leaving us with no hot water until his brother (who does hvac for a living) could come over to help install it...but they didn't have time to do the heat, so he'll have to come back... We have also been having major car issues - the truck failed inspection, and it's not worth fixing (at least not right now) so we have been sharing the car, and today we had to pay another $1060 for repairs to pass inspection (not to mention the four new tires a few weeks ago) and other work done this month. It turns out mice had chewed through wires causing a check engine light! I'm happy the car will finally pass and it is driving much better now, but we cleaned out our baby savings, home maint fund, and a big chunk of our sinking funds. We also stopped our 10% giving this month, and I am certain it has to do with why EVERYTHING seems to be such a challenge lately. It's just one thing after another!


So this month we spent $5757.71 on home repairs, and $1885.58 on auto repairs!!


But, enough is enough... I put the 10% back in the budget (and plan on "paying" the month back along with our other sinking funds) along with bs4. We really could use a boost in income!!


And of course on top of it all, I found on this week that my company ebay that I manage is on below standard until 9/20 (through no direct fault of mine, thankfully), but I'm fighting to get it resolved. Our sales will be nonexistent until it changes, and that is a good chunk of my income!


I'm sooo done with this month!


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On a positive note, the baby is doing great! He will be 4 months next week!

I'm also working out every day...I'm on week 6 of couch to 5k and just started piyo, and I'm 5 lbs away from my pre baby weight! I think working out is the only thing keeping me sane right now! ... well that and baby laughs :-)

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When it rains, it sure seems to pour. At least you have a family member do the install,which I am guessing saves a decent amount of $$$$$.


Why do car repairs have to cost SO much?

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Yes, it did save money, but my mother paid only $1000 more for a full install by her oil company a few years ago, so I don't know.... His brother is a good salesman and likes to do everything 100% so they replaced pipes etc that we hadn't originally budgeted. 


And, I don't know why car repairs have to cost so much! Dh has been doing a lot of our repairs himself to save money, but it gets so frustrating and time consuming for him. Some of the $1060 spent today was for things he could have done himself (like fixing the rear brakes) but I think he is emotionally exhausted and I couldn't ask him to spend time this weekend fixing them and our sticker expires on Sunday...


I'm just so happy they finally got the check engine light off today. Another shop told me the check engine codes meant we had major engine problems, and since our car has so many miles, it wasn't worth putting any money in it. Our car is fine. He was so rude to me (I was there alone with the baby) and I'll never go back there!  But we tried the mechanic that does work for the farm that DH works at, and he's been great!  

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