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Three weeks in



We are in our 4th week of being serious about this. Thank you for all the encouragement in my BS2 thread.


Here's our status as of today:


BS1 - $1,000 baby emergency fund - CHECK and moved to a separate account so it won't be even tempting to use for non-emergencies

BS2 - $77,356.11 (down $7,501.73 from $84,857.84 in debt partially due to a leave payout DH received, but $1,106.73 on our own). 2 PIF, 5 to go. Balance on little one is $5,387.84


BS3 - 3-6 month emergency fund - need to calculate what that will be when we don't have BS2.

BS4 - 15% to retirement. DH has retired. We have his retirement pension and deferred comp (over $360K) for the future. I have 4 years 7 months until I'm eligible.

BS5 - College. Prepaid tuition for both in college. They have limited scholarships. One is self-sufficient, one is starting out and needs additional funding for the first semester while he gets a job to earn for second semester expenses not covered by scholarships.

BS6 - Mortgage - no mortgage - CHECK

BS7 - Create wealth - get here while there's still time!


We are saying no to ourselves. We are conserving money where we can (less water usage, less electricity usage, less gasoline usage, more creativity with the food in the pantry/refrigerator, comparison shopping for things for DS's college apartment, packing my lunch for work). Listening to Dave Ramsey podcasts daily. Praying about this whole mess.

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