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I've been tracking my expenses for six months - here's what surprised me



One of the things I wanted to work on during 2016 was to begin tracking our spending. Below is our actual average monthly spending (and what's in parentheses is what I "thought" we spent) that I was WAY off on:


Gas- $340 ($700)

Auto repairs and registrations - $896 ($100 !!!!)

Home stuff $450 ($50)


We also spent more than I thought on our vacation. And, my husband spent A LOT of money on his hobbies.


I know my tracking does not include all our our eating out and groceries since we paid cash for some of that and I did not track cash spending.


So, DH and I need to discuss things and see what needs to be changed going forward.

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It's definitely eye-opening, isn't it?  But that's good that you're tracking and paying attention now so you can make whatever adjustments you agree on for your priorities.

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I like the every dollar app because I can easily see where I go over budget. Very much an eye opener.


Years ago, at the start of Larry Burketts program, I remember writing down every penny spent for several weeks and then organized all that into categories. Love the apps that easily sort based on my input. So much quicker!


And like you, use info to make changes-like going back to cash versus debit card for food and household items,the routinely overspent areas.



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I was thinking Every Dollar would be a good tool for you, or some type of zero-based monthly budget. When you spend money, it has to come from "somewhere," as in a category. You can move money around to make adjustments, but you can't overspend because it's like cash, you can't go below zero.

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