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Baby Step Assessment




Where we are:


BS1 - $1,000 baby emergency fund - CHECK

BS2 - $84,857.84 in debt (variety)

BS3 - 3-6 month emergency fund - need to calculate what that will be when we don't have BS2.

BS4 - 15% to retirement. DH has retired. We have his retirement pension and deferred comp (over $360K) for the future. I have 5 years until I'm eligible.

BS5 - College. We have prepaid tuition for both children who are both in college. They have limited scholarships. One is self-sufficient, one is starting out and needs additional funding for the first semester while he gets a job to earn for second semester expenses not covered by scholarships.

BS6 - Mortgage - no mortgage - CHECK

BS7 - Create wealth - get here while there's still time!



We are at a point of transition so no more waiting around hoping things will work themselves out. Habits change. Be serious about this. Really. Accountability. Don't do more STUPID. Actively work to fix this.

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Plinda, yes, I'm working.  We'll have our snowball number this weekend. Without anything besides monthly payments, Lloyd's spreadsheet says over 5 years. I say NO WAY will we let it take that long.  DH has a check coming for his  unused sick leave (max amount possible) which we have already designated to take care of two of them and that puts us done in 4 yrs 10 months if we didn't do anything else.  There will be some left from the check but we want to hold that for college-related expenses we may not have anticipated for our son's first semester.  He has his graduation money that people have sent him that he's saved for use for college as well as the money he's saved over time from allowance and gifts, so that gives him at least two months worth of his living expenses.

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Yes, 5 years is too long.  Can DH come out of retirement or do something PT?  Is there something you bought with the debt that you can sell to make some quick progress?

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Thanks for the reminder that it's never too late to do smart things :)  You are going to blow through this much faster than you think!

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Well there are some positives...retirement and paid off house...so it could be worse but it is not. Congratulations on putting together aa plan!

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A part-time job in retirement would be great for your husband.  Does he have a hobby that he could make money at?  Golfer--work at a golf store in a golf course's pro shop is one example.

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Those are great ideas, and once we get the boy off to college in August, things will settle down and I'm sure he'll be ready for something for pay. He just finished 38+ years at the end of May and quite frankly it's nice to have him available to take care of errands and such during the week while I'm at work.  He has talked about getting a PT job at Costco; in fact, he was talking with one of their folks last night and there are quite a few retirees who work PT there during the day while the college students work the PT shifts in the evening.  In the meanwhile, he's tasked with going through the stuff in the house to see what we might be able to sell off (yard sale, craigslist, etc.).  You know, the kind of thing you need time to do.

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