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Yard pictures, this is why I'm so tired tonight





Front planting bed, I expanded it, edged it with stone, and will plant hostas in the mulch area as soon as they arrive (mail ordered).



Pinestraw around new jasmine




New azaleas on dirt berm. Need to add mulch around the bushes, and hope to get some ground cover going here too.



Trying to get some curb appeal. I'm thinking rocking chair on the porch and a big planter of flowers.


Edit to add: new plants in front


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It's looking very nice, your hard work is really paying off. I think 2 white rocking chairs would be awesome. A few pops of color either in planters on the sides of the door or maybe hanging baskets would look nice. One thing we did at my mom's that made a big difference was power washing the driveway.

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I hope the hostas work out.  I ordered a hosta grab bag -- so I don't know what kinds/colors I'll get, but they were cheap. 12 for $15.  I figured if they were random & picked for me it would save me from having to make yet another decision. :)

I've never done mail order plants before so I'm really curious to see what quality plants I get.

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What a pretty house! It's looking good. I agree with some color and maybe trim back that tree/shrub on the corner of the house. I think it will make house look bigger

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Thank you Daisygirl. Yes, those hollies are ridiculous. We've already taken about 3 feet off the top, but they all need to be trimmed skinnier.


We just got approved for replacement of the roof, and the adjuster also added painting the shutters to the claim, so now I'm thinking about that. I'll have to submit paint colors to the HOA, but I'm thinking about a dark warm gray shutter, and either staining the front doors, or maybe painting them (I'd love red....).


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I got the "trees" and "hostas" in the mail --- NOT what I expected. the trees were small & dormant, so a 2'-3' long stick.  They're in the ground now, so we'll see if they come alive and grow as fast as what the website says.  The hostas were not the nice little plants at the nursery/home improvement stores, but were just roots.  So I've planted all those too, but I was hoping for real plants.  I bought a few little colorful sun-loving plants for the front bed from Home Depot for instant gratification, and hope to get those in tomorrow.  The front bed is larger than I thought, so I'll need more plants to fill it in but those can wait for next weekend.


Next up will be putting in a small patio.  We've cut the size way down so it will be a manageable and cheaper project.  I think we'll just use railroad ties for edging, build it up with dirt, then landscape fabric, then crushed rock/leveling sand, top it off with pea gravel.  I'm working up the price list right now.  It's going to have to come out of June's budget though, with paying for the sod yesterday we're all tapped out for May.

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I was following a thread over at bogleheads and the overwhelming response was to use pavers instead of pea gravel especially with the kids. They will get it everywhere

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I spent some time looking at pinterest, yet again, and I think we may go the 12"x12" paver with rocks between -- but get the slightly larger rocks, small pretty river rocks, and put the pavers about 2" apart or something.  I really like that look, and it won't be terribly expensive or hard to do.  DH also vetoed the railroad tie idea (the landscaper suggested it) because of creosote.  So I guess we'll edge with brick or stone paver.  The size we're looking at now is 7'or 8' x16' (16' is the length of our existing porch that the patio would butt up against. 


We got the sod installed on Sunday, and have had nice rain since then so I'm hoping it does really well and that I won't have to water much.  It is so nice to have drainage working & no more mud!

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I agree about not using the pea gravel. We used it as a sort of patio area and it still gets EVERYWHERE! Drives my husband nuts because it's always tracked all over the driveway, and I can imagine mowing grass would be a real pain with it being all mixed in if next to it. 

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No, have not trimmed back yet. We have an electric trimmer and it's on DH'S to do list for this weekend. I would do it, but I've always got the baby underfoot. (Electric trimmer plus baby running for the road.... does not mix!)

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It all looks real nice! Both DH and I enjoy landscaping and working on our yard and gardens. Hope your plants do well and grow. We can't keep hostas around for long, the deer love them.


I agree the front could use a splash of color with some hanging flowers or planters. Love the idea of the warm grey shutters and red door(it is my 1st choice for front door color too), I hope your HOA, approves it.


Please post pics of your finished patio. We have plans for something similar. We're debating between stamped concrete or pavers like your planning to do.

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