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Maybe ONE more! *L* - Diabetic check up.



So yesterday was our first three month check up. The one where they take his blood and check his numbers again.


His A1C, when we started this journey was 11.6 (which is bad, bad, bad).... It's now 5.8! (normal being between 4.5 and 5.7)

He has lost 43 pounds. (51 left)

His total cholesterol dropped 25%.

His "good" cholesterol rose 33%.

His bad cholesterol dropped 33%.

Blood pressure dropped to "normal" numbers. (from near high)


Doc said that these numbers would indicate that he was "pre" diabetic. (without the previous diagnosis) She is thrilled! Since we spent a month working on getting his numbers down, I suspect that his next blood test will show a further decrease in his A1C. (since it takes 3 months for your body to completely replace that particular indicator) She agreed to begin cutting his meds, and seeing what happens to the numbers.


She still would like to see him on cholesterol meds, however could not tell me how long it takes for that indicator to get out of your system, so is willing to wait until the next three month tests for that. (my own research says.... "It depends".) And his numbers for that are nearing "normal" too, so is not stressing it as much as she did before. She also said that those numbers are only so close because of the diabetes... again, without the diabetes his numbers would be "normal" and she would not recommend the meds.


So all in all, a very good check up. It would be good to continue lowering the cholesterol numbers. But now they only need to be lowered a little bit. So lifestyle changes have truly made a huge difference. And truly, although he is doing more and doing it faster (because he's lighter and just generally feels better) these changes are a result of food choices and portion control. (not exercise so much) Although we have spent a lot of time in the grocery store figuring out which of several brands would be better for his blood sugars. But now it's almost automatic and we have a pretty good idea of which things we want to buy and which ones we don't! And that's really it. So it CAN be done. Hard to believe that it only took 3 months to get to where we are. But I am really happy to be here.

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Great work!


Do research on cholesterol meds...they have a lot of side effects, some serious, and some think the side effects outweigh any benefit. If there's no serious history of family heart problems (early heart attacks, etc,), personally I'd lean towards not taking cholesterol meds. But please do your own research and do what's best for you. :)

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Thanks guys!  It sounds a little like bragging, but I am so excited about those results!  It lets us know that what we're doing is working.  =0)


Germaine, We are working towards no meds, hopefully soon not even the diabetic ones (fingers crossed), and we're seriously holding off on starting any others until we get this straightened out.  On the up side, the doctor is more in agreement with us now, than she was when we started.  =0)  And since his numbers are so close to "normal" she's not stressing adding meds like she had been in the beginning.


Kelvan80, thank you, and I'm sorry about your dad.  I think that if you don't get the right doctor (or maybe if you aren't as stubborn as I am *L*)  it can be very hard to get a handle on everything you have to handle.  And the doctor gives them a built in excuse "It's HARD to change the way you do things."  They tend to stress the things you CAN'T do.... and make it much harder than it has to be.  (or at least SOUND that way)


Maybe these (LLONE) steps prepared us for those (diabetic) steps... Saying no to yourself.  =0)  Savoring the wins and building on them. (no matter how big or small.)  =0)  Making your life YOUR way,  and not listening to those who would be negative.  Knowing it can be done and the hard work is so worth it.  *L*


Keep encouranging him and rejoice in every little change.  It's a step in the right direction.  And once you figure out that it's not so bad, you're willing to take another step, and another, and another!!  At least that's the way it worked for us.  Little steps at first (well minus the big, stopping soda step for DH... that was a big one... but once we replaced it with something else not so hard.) then the middle steps, and finally the big ones!!  So there's still hope!  =0)

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