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Hi All!




Thought I would give a quick update. Things here are doing pretty good, actually! Alex is doing well with his job, he just got a small raise. His division did very well but not all divisions hit their goals so it was a bit smaller than prior years had been. It's his first raise since he started and we were excited to get it! Our budget is balanced, we are getting ready to move to a larger apartment and are selling out all that we can from the storage unit. Not that it's necessary, this apartent comes with lots of big closets and even a storage room... but why not downsize and make money on anything we have found we don't need?


Family members went in together and all sent small monetary birthday gifts to the twins and early birthday money gifts to Naomi so we could get them new beds for the new apartment. Obviously not a necessity, but when we asked the twins what they wanted they said bunk beds and that was all they asked for. We still get a family member discount at a furniture store my mom's cousin owns and runs so it covers it. They're thrilled! We move right between their birthdays so it is a combined gift and Naomi is also thrilled, they get to share a room again but not share a big bed so they can sleep.


We stopped the snowball for the moment and are saving up for the move. It is happening two months earlier than we should have because the friend who rented us this house is selling it. She was approached by a buyer before she even put it on the market! We live in a hot real estate market and I'm thrilled for her that it's such an easy process.


Naomi is still having some small hiccups in school with her ADHD but we are working hard to control it. I'm going to have to go to slightly reduced hours for health reasons and I'm hoping I will finally have the opportunity to provide enough stabiity at home to help her. She's doing amazingly well in school, just some impulse control issues. She's got a thing for cutting her hair, we are at the last warning before she gets a pixie cut. LOL


The twins are SO ready for kindergarten! Hope is reading some, not fluently at all but she can muddle her way through most my first reader level 1 or pre-1 and she is sounding out words. Ariel is waiting to get evaluated for speech but does very well with counting and math games. Hope has been going to gymnastics and has been invited to the pre-team. It's a little bit more money but we can make it work and not cut into the snowball thanks to the raise and dropping insurance rates. :) In fact, thanks to the insurance we should still be able to grow our snowball and do it! She shows a natural talent and the pre-team instructor requested her because she is so strong. I'm excited for her, she's thrilled! The other two don't do extra curricular stuff right now but are happy to use our JCC membership to go swimming on weekends.


I'm still struggling with my health. I was told recently that I am in complete remission with my ulcerative colitis! That is the best news I have gotten recently, I just need to figure out the other stuff. I feel bad, I don't like taking so much time off of work to see the doctors but there isn't much choice. My heart is doing pretty well on the medicine, I'm also on a beta blocker to try and control the rhythm of my heart. I keep a fairly low heart rate due to it, it freaked out the nurse at the doctor Friday when it was only 44 but I was ok. I see a sleep clinic as soon as my referral goes through and will have a sleep study to try and figure out if my fatigue is more than the fibromyalgia. I will likely be lowering my hours starting when the college students come back to work at the daycare for the summer. Not a ton, down to 35 hours a week from 40. I've really been working less due to doctor appointments anyway so I budget for 30 hours a week to be safe. It's good because it means that when I can work full time we get a bonus in the snowball (or moving fund right now) and when I lower down to 30 hours a week next year when school starts it will be a balanced budget with no issues.


Hope everyone is doing well! I'm going to go pack a couple of boxes. We move June 10th but I have so many issues with energy sometimes I don't want to take a chance.

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Good luck with the move, hope that works out for you and your family and things settle down into a stable lull.

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