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What's up with us




Let's see....


Dh started his new job last week. He is miserable. He is the top level of rank on the flightline before the jump to "the office". They are under manned and he is pretty frustrated. He is applying for every special duty available in an attempt to move to a new base.


I have been on my new medications for almost a week. The beta blocker has dropped my resting heart rate from 100 to 60. I may still need another medication to drop my blood pressure as well. The anti depressant is doing it's job. I have gone from being numb and feeling like I am "sleep walking" all day to "waking up". No more sleeping for 14 hours a day and then crying all day. I feel like myself again. Things are starting to interest me again and I am starting to care about things like cleaning and such again. I am not giddy with happiness but who is ;)


We are still waiting for the court system to issue our judgement against the former landlord. We sent in all of our paperwork several weeks ago so we just have to wait.


Still waiting for our state tax refund as well. They required a pile of extra paperwork from us before they would pay. According to that letter it could be June before they pay.


We are still pushing our way through BS3. We are just shy of $10,000. The goal is to get to $20,000 (5 mths expenses) and then restart BS4. I would like to go back and add more to BS3 at some point but we need to start working on sinking funds as well.


Think that is all we have going on over here these days.

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Very glad that your medications are working.  Sorry about DH and his misery. It might be easiest to pray the leadership changes and becomes bearable rather than hoping for orders that make you move again....

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He would be non-deployable for 4 years if he gets the special duty. As much as I would hate to move again I would do it happily if it means he stops deploying constantly.

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San Antonio is a great place to live :) We have a very active homeschooling and military community. And the cost of living is comparably low to other parts of the country.

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Sorry to hear he dislikes it. My dh stuck it out at a job he hated for 2 years. It was an important step career wise but I would not wish that on anyone. It just stinks.

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