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My yard today: (edited with new pic)






Yikes! Should look better tomorrow.


Eta, here it is today:


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This will be perfect in the end when you don't have the water problems any more!


And just be glad you aren't here--we have snow everywhere :(

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I think I'm going to take a trip to a nursery and buy some ground cover, and some pretty plants/bushes to plant in the corner area / shade area so that DH won't have to mow there.  I'll take this opportunity to put in planting beds!  Maybe we can keep sod to just the center area of the yard. (That has to be priced out separately, not included in this work we're doing now.)  I'm going to try to make this fun!  Pinterest, here I come!  :) :)

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I love the little one running through the yard in the corner of the picture.  I bet they will remember today for a long time.  Quite an adventure!

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Y'all, we just had all this work done, paid for. This afternoon and tonight we're having heavy rain, flash floods. Trying not to be upset that our new catch basins aren't handling it.

Breathe, breathe, breathe. ..,,,.

Need to ignore it and see how it looks tomorrow. We're having torrential downpours. I'm talking like 6" in a 30 minute time span.

Also, the winds may have damaged my favorite tree.


This is so upsetting.

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My tree looks fine today, and I think our drainage worked kind of ok. One of the basins came up some, but I am having the landscaper back out to fix that and to test the whole system again.


We obviously had water going through the pipes, it was just nerve wracking to see.


We had a layer of mud covering grates this morning, but that will be helped when we have grass. I just wish we could have tested the drainage with a moderate rain shower.

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