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Financial setback: fixing up the house




I just set our IRAs to delayed payment (hope to get back to them end of summer or fall). In the meantime, will be piling up money & tackling projects around the house.


My list:

1. Drainage, re-grading, landscape $5500 timeline- this week

2. Sealant/caulking, have supplies, no further cost- this weekend

3. Paint touch up on baseboards, some minor touch up on cabinets - buy paint, $25, within a month or two

4. Clean walls - free, ongoing

5. Power wash house, porches - need to buy power washer $100, summer

6. Wait a few months for house to settle after drainage work before reevaluation of foundation. Maybe 6 months. Hold off on fixing drywall & painting until after any needed foundation work is completed.

7. Plant cedar trees in yard corners (fall? Need to find out best time to plant)


Ongoing - yard maintenance, decluttering, deep cleaning.


Today I'm going to nap (I have a cold or bad allergies), afterwards I'm going to find a small easy cleaning project to do.

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Lots going on!



The best times to plant Cedars are when they are dormant, so in the early Spring or the Fall. Make sure there are no drainage issues where you are planting them though as they don't like to sit in water. If there are you'll probably want to put drain rock under them.

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Thanks! I think it'll be fall then for new trees. Our corners are soggy, but the drainage we're doing should solve that, and it's not early spring here anymore.


Yesterday I decided to quit stressing out over everything, and today has been much more peaceful!



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