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Time to move on...



Time to move on. The numbers are now all under control. Exercising moves them even lower... into the too low category, so we take snacks. My vehicles all now have extra snacks... I'll have to change them to something that doesn't melt soon I think. We have figured out how much and what he can have when we go out. We have figured out snacks. We have even figured out what "heat and eat" foods he can eat without bumping his blood sugars. We are holding until the end of the month, when we talk to the doctor again. His numbers have only dipped low (under 80) about 10 times this month, and too low (under 70) about 5 times so far... most after exercise. So it looks like if he ever starts moving (exercising) more than once or twice a week, he will be able to remove the meds. He's lost 29 pounds. Wants to lose another 62 or so. So he's a third of the way there!


So let's see.... the weekly menu is working pretty well. I plan 5 meals, eat the leftovers on weekends, or if we have something in the middle of the week, then the kids eat leftovers then. The leftovers are mostly tasty enough to have again. Still haven't found many things we won't eat again. =0) I'm thinking probably cauliflower is one of those.... and no one really liked roasted beets. But we are expanding our foods in other ways... tried asparagus for the first time in many years..it wasn't awful. =0) Makes me wonder who made asparagus for me that was so awful that I didn't eat it again for many years. I know the brocolli was a result of too many folks boiling it to mush.... Maybe that happened with the asparagus too.... just makes me wonder. Turns out that I don't like any veggies cooked to mush... *LOL* I like "crisp tender".... and that is all... turns out that there aren't a whole lot of veg that doesn't taste good that way..... except lima beans.... I really don't like lima beans. Or yellow squash... that one is a texture thing. *blech!*


Anyway. I am totally thankful for this program and being able to concentrate on getting those numbers down and changing the things we eat, and not worrying about how to pay for all of it. Now that we are in the "maintenance" phase of this disease, I can take a look back and see what we actually spent in the quest to control this thing.


Books.... yes, I know I could have gone to the library, but when doing research I like to annotate in my books...highlight, sticky notes, etc... And the library frowns on such things, turns out they want those books BACK too! so I buy.... and buy a lot.... Probably bought about 20, probably spent about $200.... maybe a little more, but thank heavens for the used book sources I use. Then another $20 on exercise books.


DVD... for exercises... bought 8, for a total of $32, or thereabouts. Mostly used. And two for the recumbent bike new ($10 each).


Exercise equipment.... probably about $100. (on the up side, I'm using it, even if he's not much!)


Extra medical supplies.... about $20.


Food diary (that wasn't used for that) $10 (My eteranal thanks for the poster who recommended MyFitnessPal =0) )


Extra gasoline for doctor appts.... probably about $50.


Extra groceries.... actually haven't spent anything extra on groceries, but I think mostly because things just changed more than just buying new stuff in addition to the old. Cut soda down by at least half. Cut out many snacks, and replaced them with other more healthy snacks. Replaced some fattier meats with leaner meats. Dropped many high calorie drinks for those little sugar-free mixes that you put in water. So, so far, no addition to the grocery budget. And I think in the summer it will even drop.


New clothing.... about $50, so far... that will go up, but not more than a pair of pants or two while he's still losing so much so fast! And he's pulling stuff out of the back of the closet that he hasn't worn for years! Yay!


So after two months this is where we sit. Finally starting to breathe again. Relaxing a bit.... on the whole freak out part, not on the medical stuff. And now, I can start to freak out about losing ground! *LOL* BECAUSE of that relaxing! But after two months I think it's now becoming a habit.... at least I hope so. =0) And the sudden out-flux of cash is slowing to a trickle. I still buy cookbooks that have the information we're tracking and look good... but honestly that's only been three over the last two months, and I would have bought some kind of cookbook anyway... Just changed the type. =0)


Thank you all for your support during my minor freak out about this whole thing. You have helped settle things in my mind, and given lots of great advice and support. And I thank you. =0)


Now back to our regularly scheduled program! (more or less!!) *LOL*

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Roasting broccoli and asparagus are wonderful ways to try them. Also my kids who don't like yellow squash more than tolerated it in the chicken soup I made last week. Normal soup base, add a can of diced tomatoes, 2 small sliced squash, cook until veggies are tender, 4 c chicken stock, 1 cup cooked chicken diced, 1 c already cooked pasta (or rice),salt, pepper, other seasonings

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I love cauliflower!  But only if it's cooked and served a very specific way, with mustard!


Yes, it sounds weird, but I swear that mustard is the ticket to eating cauliflower.  Steam it to your desired level of crunch, then mix a few T of mayo with a t or 2 of mustard and toss together.  If you're not feeling like doing the work of mixing and tossing, a dab of mustard on each plate for dipping works just fine.

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I bought a Vegetti that easily cuts veggies into pasta like thinness. I mostly use yellow squash so far. Steam it briefly and use in place of pasta. Stays crisp enough to enjoy, but not so crunchy when eating, I put the strips in microwave for one minute. Got the device for under $10 on Amazon.

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Zaga, I can't even imagine that taste combination, but now I'm intrigued, so I'll have to try it. :)

I get some of the weirdest looks in restaurants when I ask for mustard with my cauliflower, lol!

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You have done such a fantastic job! And those expenses are such a drop in the bucket compared to the potential medical costs that you are preventing! Well worth it, IMO

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I really admire all your hard work!


Can I ask do you find it helps him to eat that little extra before or after exercise?  

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We usually eat it after, because that's when the number drops.  BUT if it's under 100 before exercise, then he has a bite before hand.... but usually only snack sized.

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