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Got the last number down!




OK, so I'm a little excited!! *LOL*


Those that have been reading know that we were fighting the one hour breakfast number, and simply could not get that number under 140 with his preferred breakfast of cold cereal, although ALL the rest of the numbers were "normal for non-diabetic". That one-hour breakfast number was still in the "normal for diabetic" range, but not low enough to be "normal for normal" range....


So this weekend we went to a fairly large sized town and found a Trader Joes.... ok, so I was there for the chocolate covered nibs.... so good.... but we decided to look at their cereal and see if they had anything with protein.... well even the "healthy" cereals didn't have much protein. But on the other side of the aisle, they had protein powders.... OK, I don't really like protein powders, but we aren't finding anything with the amount of protein that his body needs first thing in the morning without all the other things too... so I looked.


They had 4 different brands.... One hemp, one soy, one whey, and one other (I can't remember)....So we compared everything in the aisle, as always.... it's amazing how many differences there are among similar items, really it is. =0)


We decided to try the whey one. It gives about 23g of protein per scoop (and the lowest amount of everything else). I think that's a LOT. We aren't trying to "bulk up", we just want protein in the morning.... so that he can eat cold cereal. I decided that we could start with about 12g.... so we mixed up a scoop with about a cup with his almond milk. He had half on his cereal this morning, and then his yogurt (because that's what he had been having and we wanted to be able to compare). And his one hour number this morning was 137!!!!!!!!!!


OK, so it's not definitive.... it's only one day and one cereal.... BUT.... it's looking promising! And he can DO this. When I make the almond milk, I can just add it in while making it, since this is the only thing he uses it for and he's the only one drinking it.


So progress!! We also walked 2.3 miles on Sat and 1.3 on Sunday.... and yes, he hit low blood sugars both days. (But we were ready this time!!)


Anyway... this is the FIRST time we have been able to make his number on cold cereal. ***doin the happy dance!!*** So at least we know it's POSSIBLE!! And he doesn't have to put this on his "can not eat" list. =0) Success!! *LOL*

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I'm curious. I've read a bit of your recent work here (and there's a lot of work you're doing).

Who is guiding you? Is it a doctor or nutritionist? Other comments I've seen have noted how you haven't seen eye to eye with some of your professionals.

I'm just wondering who is helping you choose such a specific goal like this after breakfast blood sugar goal. And why a good-for-diabetic result isn't good enough for a diabetic person?

To a non-professional like me, adding extra additives to his diet could be working counter to more important goals such as weight loss.

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At the moment, we are seeing a PharmD and interacting with her on a weekly basis.  Overseen by a MD.  I hardly ever see eye to eye with my professional medical folks, and am always asking questions and pushing them outside of their "norms"... ie... "Most folks don't take this seriously"....  We do.  "Most folks don't get their numbers this low".... We did.  "Most folks don't ask why they have to have an IV hooked up while in labor".... We're in a hospital.... can't they do that if there's an emergency??....  Is there a way to do this that does NOT involve a pill?  WHY in heaven's name would I want to labor laying on my tailbone?!?!  Doesn't that move out of the way for the baby to come through?  (yes, by the way, it does.)  How does it do that if you are sitting on it?  (with difficulty)


Our medical professional is a bit of a medical person (as most are).  Meaning that she believes that there's a pill for everything, a "proper way", and has no problem doing it that way, since that's the "norm".    Whereas I am a "your body can do amazing things if you just let it".... "Listen and it will tell you things".... kind of person.  I prefer a more working together kind of solution.  Working WITH the MD, but they are not any kind of god, and do not know everything... they can become so entrenched in the dogma, that they lose sight of the patients.... They don't lose sight of me, or anyone that I'm at the doctor's office with  =0) ....  After all, we are just one of 20-30+ patients they see every day to them.... And the only one that this will have a direct impact on to me (and whoever I'm at the doctor with).  =0)


Now I respect their education, and am not above using it, and I will willingly take the meds needed.  As long as they are needed, but "because it's always been done like that" is not enough of an answer for me.   It's why he was on the two meds in the beginning, and why he's only on one now.  "Norm" is great, but "how it affects the individual" matters to me.


Traditionally, The medication that he is still on is permanant.  The doc said that she has never taken someone off of it.  Of course until we told her that we didn't want to up the dosage (to "normal" dosage) because his blood sugars were low, low, she did not consider that perhaps he didn't need the full dosage.   She was acting on "standards of care" which kinda acts like everyone is the same.... and we're not.  Apparently she has not run into anyone who wanted to control this disease without medication if possible.  Which is our goal.  This is a progressive disease... meaning the meds can become less effective over time, so if he doesn't need them now, we would prefer that they are able to be used later, and not that he can't because his body has grown used to them.


OK.... so why is "normal for diabetic" not good enough.... #1 We want to get off the meds entirely if possible.  We can not do that if his numbers are just "normal for diabetic" because that simply means that the meds are doing their job and that he still needs their help.  Ie.... HE is not controlling his sugars, the meds are.  #2.  The higher your blood sugar numbers, the more likely you are to get some of those progressions sooner rather than later.  #3.  Those progressions are nothing to play with.... ie.... blindness, loss of limb, nerve death, kidneys shutting down. #4.  IF he can get off the meds it is better for him and the prognosis is better for him.   And please note..... I say IF POSSIBLE.... it may not turn out to be that way.   If his numbers stay where they are, then we will slowly withdraw the meds (under supervision) and if his numbers start rising again, as long as they remain "normal for diabetic" we will attempt to make different choices in diet and see if we can get that control back.... if it doesn't work, then he'll go back on them.  I PREFER to go without if possible, but if it's not possible, then it's not possible.


I have discussed ALL his blood sugar numbers with his doctor.  I asked her for "normal for non-diabetic" numbers.  And ALL of his numbers (after changes to diet) were "normal for normal" numbers.... EXCEPT that ONE number.  (since the rest are down, we don't worry about them, they are "at goal"... this one is not.)  However.... he wanted to eat cold cereal with milk for breakfast.  We started with "high" numbers, changed the milk and landed in "normal for diabetic" numbers... which made the doc very happy.... I discussed adding protein to his morning numbers and the study I found online (because who wants to just trust anything online?) and she agreed that it COULD help.  After going through every high protein cereal we could find, and trying and discussing other things, and realizing that when he did not have cold cereal, that his numbers were "normal for normal"....  We opted to TRY this protein powder.  Even that we are doing very slowly..... This morning he had about 1/2 the amount on the package.  I realize that many folks use this to "bulk up", and that is not the effect that we are going for.  I only wanted to see if this was an option for when he wanted cold cereal.  I will discuss this with her when we see her again.  He has had a pretty steady weight loss (1-3 pounds a week) since we altered the diet, so if that stops, we will know that this is doing more than we want it to, and begin searching again.  I feel that this will probably be a good thing, because he will only have this additional protein when he needs it.  He doesn't drink the milk except on cold cereal.  And we have used a minimal amount.  Not the high end of what the container says, but the low end, and only half of that.


OK.... the weight loss... really has nothing to do with the diabetes.  We did NOT start changing diet to control weight.  We did it to control blood sugars.... it has had an effect on weight, which is GREAT, but not the goal.  However much he weighs, I'd rather have him healthy.  If that means that he's a little bit overweight, but healthy, then I'm ok with that.  Much better than being underweight and having the diabetes out of control.  I'm telling you, those progressions are nothing to play with.


I am also a non-professional, and this was not our first "go-to" answer for this problem.... it was more a "we can't get enough protein with food that he wants to eat first thing in the morning, how about we try this and see if it works" answer.  He could eat an egg and get a similar amount of protein, but he doesn't WANT to eat an egg before his cereal.  (not to mention what that would do to his cholesterol) And that's really where we're at.    I want a sustainable solution... not something that works, but he doesn't want to do it, so he won't.  If it's easy, he'll do it regularly and when necessary.  And this does not push any of the other numbers he's tracking out of what his goals are.... like the cholesterol, the sodium, the carbs, the protein even.   We are keeping an eye on everything.... there's just a lot to keep an eye on!  =0)


Hope that answered your questions!

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It does, but I wonder if you'd work better with the different professionals. A DO instead of MD, a nutritionist with so many diet changes. A nutritionist is a good example of someone who does have the time to work and plan together.

Personally, I don't know which is the chicken and which is the egg between diabetes and weight.

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It does, but I wonder if you'd work better with the different professionals. A DO instead of MD, a nutritionist with so many diet changes. A nutritionist is a good example of someone who does have the time to work and plan together.

Personally, I don't know which is the chicken and which is the egg between diabetes and weight.

We DID see a nutritionist..... I found that meeting to be less than useful.  She looked up the same sites I had already looked up.  Gave me the same information off those sites and was more stuck in the dogma than the doctor.  Yes, I could look for another.  I could likely see another in that same office, but she did not give me any confidence that another would be better.  It takes me 45 minutes to get to an appt, and 45 minutes to get home... she did not give me enough information to make that 1.5 hours worth it.  Nevermind the wait time and appt time.  So yes, I did explore that, but did not find it worth the time and effort it took.  My doctor is still willing to look up the information I want her to confirm, and explore other solutions, and I can do that without the 1.5 hour trip.  =0)


That chicken/egg comment is a common misconception with diabetes.  This disease doesn't care what you weigh.  Google "Skinny diabetics".  It's eye opening, if you honestly belive that fat is the cause.  Many folks who have diabetes are in the "skinny" or even UNDERweight category.  (those I know, that I know have diabetes, fit this category) Skinny does not necessarily equal healthy.  Even if the telvision says it does.  =0)  


Now I'm not saying that he doesn't need to lose weight, because he does.... I'm not even saying that his weight wasn't a contributing factor... it very well may be....  but really, it's not the cause, it may, in fact, instead be a symptom (his body's way of handling the extra blood glucose).  And right now, his blood sugar levels are more important than what the scales say.... and if we get the blood sugar under control, then it will likely have an impact on what the scale says, because he will be processing the food better.  So yes, while it is an important factor, it is not the MOST important factor.  =0)

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Seeing your action and results orientation, I feel your pain with complacent professionals. Know that there are experts who would be a better match for you.

Personally, I'd start with the bibliography sections of your source materials. Praise these researchers for their help and ask for local referrals.

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If he doesn't not like the whey protein he might want to try vegan. I am in love with the stuff. It comes from plant based protein. I have it in a smoothie with fruit and almond milk @ 6:30 in the a m and don't get hungry until lunch...2scoops...if ok with doc. I am not diabetic.


I did it to dump dairy 20 pounds ago

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Well, it's been a week, and the numbers are still "normal".  Oddly enough, once we found something that works, and tastes good, and doesn't gross him out first thing in the morning...... He isn't wanting it as often. *arugh!*  *LOL*..... which is another reason to figure out a way to have it instead of just saying you "can't".  Apparently if you can't have it, you just want it.... but once you figure out a way to have it, it loses it's hold somewhat.  He has the cold cereal about twice last week, and then again today.... but no longer wants it every day, or more often than not.  *L*


Totally weird.  Predictable, but weird.  Moving along.......

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