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More court drama




Our court date was scheduled for Monday morning. Today we received notice that he got it continued again. He timed it perfectly. In his letter to the court he says that we agreed to the continuation. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it. I can call Monday morning and say we did NOT agree but it will be too late. He very neatly boxed us into a corner. He got it continued for another month. We will obviously call on Monday to say we do not agree to any continuations.


I hate this man. This is absolutely pointless. We will never see a dime and we are sick of dealing with him.



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I'm curious as well.

Once you get a judgment issued, how do you plan to collect upon it? He does not seem like the sort to bring a checkbook to court to make good on the judge's decision.

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Absolutely nothing. Dh wrote a letter saying we did not approve the last continuation and do not approve any future ones. If the guy holds to form he will send a letter in asking for.it to be moved again 3 days before the date. At this point nothing is happening.


Clever I do not expect him to pay. I expect him to have yet another trick up his sleeve. Heck maybe a whole lot of tricks. None of which we will have seen coming. He has been sued multiple times just on this property alone. We are doing this simply because he ticked us off and it is the principal of the matter. If we somehow manage to get a court order for him to pay before he files bankruptcy I guess we will try to get a property lien. I don't know. I am just focusing on trying to get the ______ into a court room.

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Good luck. Unless there are very strong tenant laws, collection will be difficult. I would not anticipate collection from a property lien, iirc his plan was to foreclose this property.

One ray of light might be your cancelled rent checks. Bank stamps might identify his account. Freezing that might actually find some money.

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I know that you're doing this without expecting to collect anything -- I recently talked to an attorney about a situation like this (wanting to try and force someone to pay a debt - in your case, what he contractually owes you, mine was not a written contract - also, in my situation, small claims court is not an option). My attorney friend advised me to "wrap it up, put it in a box and put it away" - he felt that the $$ amount was small enough to not warrant the stress that would be brought up everytime a new letter, etc had to be be sent to the person, etc.


I hate that your former landlord keeps playing games with you - and while I don't always believe that history is an indication of the future, I think in your case, it is. He's probably banking on you dropping it at some point because you're tired of his antics.


I do hope that you see at least some of the $$ from your deposit. I wish you resolution soon so you can completely close that chapter.

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