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Room to breathe




I'm breathing again, found my spot, and should have a decent sized snowball to send somewhere.


Priorities for right now:

  • fill up property tax account ($2300) over the next six months
  • add another $1500 to my individual 401k before 4-15-16
  • set aside $1000 towards kitchen reno after the Mar 1 payment to the mortgage (the payment that will finally get us below $50k, which was my target before starting the kitchen countertop/tile project) --- maybe try to schedule this project to happen over summer ---

After these things are accomplished I can't see any reason why we can't hit the mortgage hard for the remainder of the year.

I just did a rough budget for March and it looks like we should have a $2500 snowball. I'm hoping, fingers crossed, that we'll finish February with a $500 surplus that can be snowball. April snowball will most likely go towards taxes owed (and finishing up the individual 401k).


I billed $570 for January, and already have $700 to bill for just the first half of February. I'm expecting I can bill another $400-$500 by the end of February.


I'm so glad to have January bills behind us, and that I was able to get my work going again.

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Ok, 2/3 through the month and I've worked $955 worth!  I won't send the invoice until March 1st, but this is the highest billing month I've had in over six months.  


The project I'm working on right now isn't very fun, but it's still generating billable hours.  :) I'll take it.  

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Ended up billing about $1600 for February.  Just threw $500 of that into 2015 Indiv. 401k.  Now the rest will go to sinking funds, along with the snowball, and we wait and get estimates on car repairs/maintenance & drainage/foundation work for the house.  bye bye pretty kitchen!

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