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Court Update




We are still waiting to hear from the court on our request to change the date of our apperance. We did however hear from the PIA landlord. He called my husband today and left him a message. Apparently there has been a "death in the family" and he is asking for "an abatement" since he will be out of town for 30 days.


We are obviously quite thrilled to hear he is trying to string this out even longer.


There is some worry he is working on filing bankruptcy and before we can get a judgement. According to our lawyer that is a very real possibility. I don't even know why we are doing this at this point. He is still jerking us around and stringing things out. The chances of getting a dime out of this jerk are so slim at this point. We are going through with it because I am too ticked off to let it go but all that is happening is that after 6 mths I am still just as mad as I was at the time it happened.


I told my husband to not take the man's calls and to not return his calls. There is no point. I am all for getting the new date and then fighting tooth and nail to stop him from moving it any farther back.


Anyways there is our update. Such fun.



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I agree with others. Do not give him an inch. You owe him no courtesies. He could have worked to resolve this over the last few months. It may be a different story if he was honest and upstanding, but I fear he is trying to work the system and you both. 

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We are fighting him tooth and nail not to move the date any farther than mid February (Which is when dh will be back). I am so sick of dealing with him. He is obviously stalling and trying to drag this out till we get tired and go away.



ETA: I just called the court and we are now scheduled for Feb 29th. Prayers that this actually happens would be lovely.

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Not to mention, not to sound callous, but most people don't take 30 days out of town consecutively for a death in the family....


I'm glad you got a date settled.  Fingers crossed!

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