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Fitness & Well Being




These words seem to be the theme of my priorities as of late. Obviously with the new year just behind us, it's fitting. But I really am getting back into my previous workout routine @ the bootcamp studio. I am even scheduled to sub a couple classes at the end of the month. I went in to class last night and was shocked at how much strength and endurance I'd lost. When you can't even do a minute of full form jumping jacks because you feel so sluggish and out of breath, that's bad! With pregnancy off the table again, I am ready to get my body back to where it was (...again!)


Not to mention that I am signed up for a training class in February to become a Kettlebell class trainer. That will be so much fun! It's basically a 1-hour workout with music and a kettlebell. They target all areas of your body, and judging from videos I've seen, it looks fun. The prospect of possibly being able to lead classes in the community in the near future excites me. But I need to be at my best to do that well!


We have been making some changes to our routine, it seems, too. We got weekly pill boxes (his & hers) from Rite Aid so that we can fill them up with our vitamins and supplements and actually take them regularly again. (This is also a good way to clear the medicine cabinet clutter of all the supplements we'd acquired!)

A lot of our past weekend was spent outside. It helped that the weather was NICE. Clear, dry and sunny. A rarity this time of year. But we took advantage, hit a mini golf course (outdoors) for a couple of rounds and the next day we explored an area of our town that I suspected had great vantage points. Sure enough, I was right.. A short uphill walk took us to an Olympic mountain view on one side, and a gorgeous canal view on another. Just getting out and moving around and having fresh air was so uplifting for me. DH seemed to have a nice time too, so I really hope this level of activity between us keeps up.

I looked into a local kayak and SUP rental and I think I want to take the next nice weekend we have and go rent kayaks. DH is scared they'll tip, but these are recreational and not tippy. I hope I can get him to do it, because we live in prime kayaking territory! We could go out for a bit and then eat a picnic on some little beach, how cool would that be?


I am still working through the January freezer-clean-out dinner recipes. It's been slow going. We picked up Pho one night when I was still sick, so that actually made for 2 nights worth of dinners by eating leftovers. We went to my sister's birthday dinner where my parents paid for everything, so the leftovers there made breakfast and lunch Sunday. So stuff like that has made my freezer cleanout progress go a little slower, but it's still going. I just ADORE that I have a dinner list and a grocery list for each dinner. I can ask DH "which of these sound good to you?", he picks a couple, and I run to the store for maybe 4 ingredients for the next couple meals.

Last night I put lentils, curry paste, coconut cream, and veggie broth in the slow cooker before I left to workout class. When I got home we had curried lentils (popped some raisins in there for a sweet surprise) - and squash on the side. Meatless Monday! I also restocked on DH's sandwich ingredients and snack foods for his workday, so we can once again curb his desire to hit the gas station type places for a corn dog and soda.


DH's drinking has seriously near-stopped since the big holiday travel incident. At least it has with me around. He said he brought some beers home while I was on my work trip last week. He also made sure to pick up the house real well before I got home, he was very thoughtful about not having me come home to a messy place and being upset. I didn't even bother myself with what he may or may not have drank while I was gone, because, well... I was GONE so I didn't care.

When I've been home, we've had the 1 bottle of wine that we shared on NYE and we both had drinks at my sister's birthday dinner. I try to keep my drinking to special occasions and so far that's been on target. Drinking midweek irks me and DH knows it so I am pretty sure he has been purposefully changing his habits to follow my suit. It's been a very nice change, and I haven't asked him about meetings or therapy (neither of us have gone to either yet at this point). His mom is so glad he's cut back too, and thinks that the incident scared him enough to actually follow through. So, only time will tell how this piece of our life goes, but so far so good. Pepsi still replaces beer when we go shopping (he doesn't even try asking if we can buy beer). I still don't really mind it. I'll take my DH hyper and goofy over a drunk jerk :)


I will keep my home organization and decluttering updates to the thread intended for it, but I will say that am definitely HAPPY and content and excited about the progress. I don't even mind that it's slow progress anymore! It seems that now that I've accepted that it's a Work In Progress, it's more fun!

We are changing one of the bedrooms that currently houses: mine & DH's favorite toys and books growing up, my old beanie baby collection, a crib that was my FIL's that doesn't meet safety standards, toys, a child's desk and high chair, and a bunch of random maternity and baby clothes/supplies. It was always designated "the nursery" because I kept getting pregnant and that was its original intent. But we are going to donate a lot of the maternity/baby stuff, give the in-laws back the crib which we would never use anyway, and keep some of the relevant toys for the occasional kids that visit and need something to stay occupied. The room will eventually become my office though. I couldn't be more excited to be able to work from home or do college online courses without cats or the TV interrupting! :)



Well, that sums it up for now. A lot more personal than finance in this blog post, but we are still making some progress on the VISA and the car loan. Last week's paycheck of DH's was one of the lowest we've had due to the New Year holiday + 2 sick days he took. Yikes! Our blow, grocery and gas all took a hit. Going to list a few things for sale as soon as I can get to it and hopefully get some cash that we can use for gas money, which is what we will need most.

Thanks for all your support and wisdom up to this point. All we can do is move forward & hope for the best!

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Gelly, I must have the post about you no longer being pregnant.  I am so sorry.  Have you consulted with a fertility doctor?  Or do you want to wait until things are more stable at home?

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GLG, I never did officially post about it, so you didn't miss anything ;) I have an appt with the midwife that I was meeting before, and she is eager to find the cause of the miscarriages. I will be pursuing figuring out the fertility issue, for sure, because I want to KNOW what's up. But will I be actively trying to get pregnant again once we find out where the problem(s) lie? Well, I am not so sure. I'm want to get back to college again to finish up my associate's. Then I want to get my bachelor's degree in business online. I also want to keep furthering my career while I get the college underway. Not that a baby would be unwelcome, just maybe not top priority.


That was a long response. Ha!

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Gelly I'm so sorry. Know that we are here to support you. It sounds like you are in a good place right now, but feel free to come here and complain if you find yourself on a day that you're not.

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I am delighted to hear about your progress on the home front and health-wise. So sorry for your miscarriage. Take the time you need to do the things that are calling to you. There is time for you to take your time and focus on some personal goals. 


That kettlebell class sounds fun! Too bad the commute would take me all day to get there and back! 

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