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The first week jinx




I swear we are jinxed. This is dh's first week gone again and our first week back at school. The military wives have a saying that the first week dh is gone anything that can go wrong will.


Nothing is going right and we are a mess. Yesterday we called off school when we literally almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The alarm kept going off but I thought it was the smoke detector (new house). I kept turing it off because I thought it was malfunctioning. When I started getting incredibly sleepy and the kids were all being still and quiet at the same time I realized something was wrong. I checked the alarm and realized it was the carbon monoxide detector that had been going off for over an hour.


If we hadn't had the alarm I would have taken a nap and we would have all died. Dh is freaked out (he is 18hours away). I am not all that amused myself.


So no school work done after THAT. Add in a guy swearing at us for being in his way at the commissary, finding out this week that the twins need to be sedated for MRI's of their brains, dh's check engine light just came on, one of the twins needs bloodwork done today, and maybe worst of all (j/k) is that I cut my bangs too short and look like a freak ;)


I need my husband to come home before this jinx gets any worse!



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Oh my gosh that is SO SCARY. God was definitely looking over your family! I can see why your DH is freaked out. SMH.

I hope this is all for you guys and you are back to normalcy soon!

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What a scary experience! So glad you checked the alarm instead of taking a nap! 


That is a lot to go wrong all at once. Hopefully things settle down for you! 

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So what did the fire department say was wrong? And I'm guessing your landlord has fixed whatever it was? So glad you checked it!

Hugs. Hoping the weekend is calm for you~

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Wow. Wow. Wow..  That is scary.    My parents also experienced the same thing - carbon monoxide detector went off because of back drafting into the house through the wood stove.     I am so happy to hear that the detector did its job.


We have 4 carbon monoxide detectors in our house, and 9 smoke detectors.   A little extreme?  Maybe, but I don't think that I would trust our lives to a single CO detector or just a single smoke detector. 

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After months of fighting with the court system we FINALLY got a court date. Of course it came in this week and is for 2 weeks from now. Dh will still be gone. I called and they do not honor power of attorney, he has to be here. We now have to write ANOTHER letter to the landlord showing that we are requesting a date change. We then have to send a copy to the court AGAIN. Then maybe they will move it to when dh will be here.


Blood work, shots, and perscriptions done today. I am soooooo tired. Someone gave the cat a hair cut. My keys have apparently been in the car for 2 days (glad we have an alarm). I have zero energy for dinner. I would order in if anyone would deliver out here to the boonies.


So far our week from hell is not getting any better.  I am scared to see what tomorrow brings.

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When moms of many have DHs deploy it's time to do a little re-organization.  Try to get all your stuff "in town" done on the same day.  Preferably on a weekday so that you have less folks to deal with.  You can take your "off" days in the middle of the week, and "school" on the weekends.  You homeschool, no one cares.


You can get upset, about a guy swearing at you under his breath, or be thankful he did it under his breath.  Your kid was being bratty to him, some people don't like kids. The combination is not a good thing.  Just as he did not know what was going on in your life, you have no idea what was going on in his.  Our rule when the kids were young and we were out without DH was that ONE hand had to be on the cart AT ALL TIMES.  (Mom to mom.... bribery works, and is a useful tool.)
I'm glad that you checked the alarms.  I think we forget sometimes that they are there to help, and if you aren't burning something, you need to investigate why they are going off.  Yes, it was scary, but now you know to pay attention.
Have you talked to JAG about the court date?  They may be able to help.  They will have to move the court date if DH is named on the court papers, since he is deployed.  I'm pretty sure it's the law, even in the "People's Republic of New Jersey".  I'm pretty sure it's Federal Law.  You should be able to just send them a copy of his deployment orders and they should change the date, but a call from JAG wouldn't hurt.
Cats do not care about stupid haircuts.  Thank goodness it was the cat and not a kid!  
For your own hair, it's cold in NJ now.... wear a cute hat that covers it!
Glad you found your keys.
Stick a freezer meal in the oven and give over the rest of the day.
I would have thought the your DH had deployed enough that you knew this already, but here's my advice for those who's DH is deploying for the first few times.   Let the little stuff go.  If you have time before he leaves, start making things to make your life easier.... Do a few freezer meals, you will want them at some point.  Pull out the crock-pot and make sure it's working.  Buy a crock-pot cookbook, or look on-line for crock-pot recipes.  Buy a crock-pot if necessary.  Shop for the first few weeks of deployment.  Look at all the activities that your kids do.... put the ones that will create the most trauma on hold for a few weeks.  Look at all the ways you can streamline your life.  Make a list of all the things that HAVE to get done on a regular basis.... taking out the trash for example.... and when.  Gather the kids together and make them a team..... a part of the solution.  Even if you have not had one before, make an early bedtime.  Until they were about 12, my kids had a 7pm bedtime.  At 12 they got to read for an hour in bed before it was lights out.  This allowed me time to do what I could not do when they were up, prep for tomorrow, and unwind from the day.  I tried to get up an hour before they did as well.  To wake up before the day started (I am not  a morning person) and to prep for the day.  And finally the first week always sucks.  It's difficult to go from two parents to one.... It's hard to figure out how to make everything work.  This week you have to simply try to get through.  Next week will be better, and by week three you should have everything settled, so that you can do what you need to do.  (and that's when you start adding in outside stuff again)
Finally, you have to change your attitude.  =0)   It seems that when you label something "the week from hell" things.... even little things..... take on a bigger importance, and become a bigger deal than they would have been last week.  Everything that happens becomes something that adds to the bad week.  Didn't anything GOOD happen this week?  I think that if you start concentrating on those things, your week will get better.  =0)
I am sorry that your DH deployed, that sucks.  It simply does.  I'm glad that your carbon monoxide detector worked, and you figured it out before anyone got sick.  I'm sorry people are jerks, they always have been and some will always be.  Call JAG if you need to, or simply send the deployment papers to the courthouse.  On days that are just crazy.... take a "teacher work day" and make up the day on the "off" days.  And most important.... let the little things go.  Look at it and ask yourself.... will this matter next week?  Next month?  Next year?  If the answer is no.... then let it go.  I think you will find the "first week jinx" is simply adjusting to temporarily dealing with life without a partner.
Good luck.
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I think the good thing that happened was that you guys are still here. I hope your court date works out. Any reason you can't just go?

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What a scare you had with the carbon monoxide. I'm glad that you were able to figure it out while you still had a chance. Phew! So happy that's fixed.


I would love to see you and the six kids show up in court and have anyone try to rule against this jerk not giving you the money he owes you.

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I just recently had my bangs cut too short as well.  Two weeks later and I love the length!  I pushed them to the side and even pinned them back for a few days, but I am loving them now.  Hang in there -- bangs grow fast!

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This week is going much better. Last week was just a triple whammy of stress and difficulties. I think there was definitly some situational depression going on. I think that since we have done this so many times that makes it harder not easier. I know what is coming. We are both so burnt out and done with it all.


This week is going smoothly and things are progressing well. Just the usual difficulties with 7 people living in a house 24/7. The kids managed to break the fridge in 2 different places. I need to research how to fix that. That sort of thing.


Good news is that our school work is 100% on schedule and little bit is rock solid with her potty training. We are studying Germany for the next two weeks. We always like the start of a new unit. Especially the projects and food!


Dh is doing well on his TDY. He has taken care of the court "stuff" from his end. While the kids and I are welcome to go to the court house for the court date dh is the one that HAS to be there. It is his name on the lease and his name on the court case. I called and they refused to acknowledge the POA. He is the one that has to show up. Anyways he is sending in the letters tomorrow to ask for the court date to be changed.


I managed to cut in some new bangs at an angle so it looks like the shortest part was intentional instead of a screw up. Looks much better now.

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