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Prayers for a friend




On December 20th my friends husband left their home, walked into the woods by their home, sent his wife a text with a picture, and then committed suicide. It took them six days of searching the woods to find his body. Last night she got the call that they had recovered his body.



Please pray for her, their children, his family, and all the military members still fighting through PTSD. I can not imagine the level of pain they are all going through.



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Oh my God.  I am so sorry and cannot even begin to imagine the pain he was in and that his family has to now live with.  Will say a prayer for them all.

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That is so disheartening to hear. It's horrid to hear of it happening any time but I can't imagine trying to put on Christmas for the kids while going through that (depending on the kids ages).


Post is such a struggle. I hope that your friend and her kids get counseling and are able to work through this in time. Prayers for them!

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My boss's BIL committed suicide about 18 months ago and it's been so hard for her and her sister and family.    Saying some prayers for your friend and her family, Mimi - and all the military suffering from PTSD.    

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The saddest part for me is that he knew he had a problem. He knew he needed help. He was so afraid to get help though because he knew seeking help could end his career and then he wouldn't be able to support his family.


Getting a military member to see someone in mental health is difficult. I know getting my own husband to see a therapist took some real pushing on my part. He was so afraid of losing his job that I had to threaten divorce to get him in to a doctor. Even then we went to an off base therapist and didn't use our insurance.


Another reason to push hard for the FFEF. I never want my husband to be too afraid to get help because of our finances if he lost his job. I tried talking to my friend about Dave several years ago and they were not interested at that time. If I had known what he was fighting recently I would have done whatever I could to help :( part of me worries I could have done something. That I should have seen it coming. Looking back now it is obvious.

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Amy, hindsight is 20/20. Please don't beat yourself up over what you think you could have done to help (I know that is easier said than done). Honestly, you have no way of knowing if, in trying to help, it would have pushed him into doing this sooner. Everyone reacts differently to things and what may have helped one person, may threaten another. 


What you can do is be there for your friend. I am sure that she will need hugs, food, a shoulder to cry on, help with the kids, etc. Also know that if you are feeling like you should have seen this coming, your friend (his wife) is likely dealing with that guilt of feeling like she should have as well. She needs reassurance that she couldn't have been all-knowing and unfortunately, her hubby made his choices independently from her. We will never understand the why or how of everything, but must live with it and try to heal. 


My friend's step-brother ended his life in a similar manner due to PTSD (when his wife was on vacation visiting her sister with their baby). That was 8 months ago and it is just so sad to see the guilt that she has (if only she hadn't gone on vacation or if he had gone with her or...). Things were good with them but she knew he had this struggle. It is hard to witness pain and not be able to help make it better. 



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I'm so sorry for your loss. My dad committed suicide when I was 12. It is still hard and I have guilty moments to this day. I wish help was easier for them to reach out for.

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I am so sorry. I saw this story this morning and immediately thought of you (although I had no idea it was someone you actually knew). Very, very sad.

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