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2016 Goals




Goals for 2016

  1. new kitchen counters & backsplash - cash
  2. refill the home maintenance account, fill property tax account
  3. max 401k, max ROTHs, add $2k to individual 401k
  4. pay mortgage down by $20k (bringing balance down to $30k)
  5. read 50 books


Of course, I'll also be cleaning & de-cluttering (being especially mindful of what we bring into the house). I'm going to continue to sew through my stash without adding new fabric. I'm going to finish at least one of my large projects (twin size or queen size quilt needs to be sandwiched, quilted & bound). I'm going to work on my children's eating habits, adding even more fresh food to the plate. I'm going to walk / lift weights more often. I'm going to be more generous.

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