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Doctors Appointment




I completed my physical therapy and finally worked up the nerve to go back to the doctor for a follow up to my back/hip injury last year.


The news was as expected: Chronic daily pain for the rest of my life. It will never "get better".


I am trying new pain relief methods and seeing a new specialist to try and regain a greater range of motion and strength. But basically my left hip and leg will always be weaker and need daily exercises and stretches just to "keep up".


I am trying to look on the bright side. At least I have a leg to work with. I have adapted over the last year and can now manage daily tasks again.


Pain sucks however and to know it will never end. That is taking some time to come to terms with.


Good news is that I can't make it any worse so I can do anything I want physically. Bad news is the pain while doing those things can be horrific.


Anyways I will stop rambling now.



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*hugs* I had an injury that they told me would never get better.  I had one doctor tell me that my left leg was permanently shorter, and although I could put a lift in my shoe that may help, it would always give me that dreadful pain.  Then, after my 3rd round of physical therapy, I was chatting with the physical therapist and asked her about it.  She asked me a few questions (and laughed at the "lift doctor," said that was his answer to answer and helped no one), pushed around on my hip, and solved the issue.  I had to go back a couple of times after my youngest was born (darn hormones relaxed my hips a little too much) for more pushing around, but it fixed something that had a major impact on my life for several years.  Does that mean the same thing could fix you?  Probably not.  But all hope is never lost :)  I will be praying for the healing that you need!

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I have no idea the specifics of your injury, but chiropractic (by the RIGHT) practioner, has made a world of difference in my chronic awful back pain. A few sessions over a couple weeks and it was 70% better. Then continued slowly improving with twice monthly therapeutic massage over a couple years with occasional chiropractic visits when it flared. Now my pain is 90% resolved and managed with just monthly massage. If I do something stupid at work, I ice and ibuprofen and sometimes need one chiropractic visit or extra massage. But it has truly changed my life.

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Also, the physical therapist I saw for two months prior to the chiropractor accomplished NOTHING to relieve my pain, except to refer me to that particular chiropractor. FWIW

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"Never get better" is a relative term. I used to have the feeling of an ice pick stabbing my thoracic vertebrae. An MRI revealed some disk problems, degeneration and "remodeling" I think. Today I rarely have any pain. What helped me was 1) sleeping on memory foam for the right support, 2) Pilates class, 3) an occupational therapy session that taught me how to do various household and gardening tasks differently. BTW, the Pilates helped me regain 1/2" of the 1-1/2" in height I'd lost since college. There are probably a number of things you can do to help ease your pain. Will your body be like your 20-year-old self again? Probably not. You've had 6 children after all! The Spine Care Clinic I went to was associated with our medical college. If you have such a facility in your area, I would recommend going to one for a second opinion. Also a session with an occupational therapist may be helpful in teaching you ways to move that will help. I relearned everything from how to load the dishwasher to use the vacuum cleaner to work in the flower beds that no longer puts a strain on my back. And my memory foam wedge has been a miracle worker. Best wishes to you on finding out what works for you.

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I'm sorry to hear that your injury has left you with chronic pain.  I hope that it will improve with time.  After chemo, I could barely walk from neuropathy in my feet and had excruciating pains like Charlie horses in my legs and torso.  They would sometimes last for hours and have me doubled over in pain.  Joint and muscle pains from other drugs made me feel like an old woman.  There was "nothing they could do" except put me on other drugs that would cause additional problems.  No thanks.  A stretching class (like yoga) has really helped me.  At first I couldn't do 80% of the exercises without triggering the pains.  Just getting up and down from the floor was an ordeal.  But six months later and I rarely have pain in the class or outside of class.  I know my issues are totally different but don't give up hope and trying things to restore yourself.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made and the body has amazing healing capabilities. 

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Thank you all. I have been to three different doctors who all say the same thing, "we can only treat the symptoms not the root cause". I find that extremely frustrating. My newest referral is for sports medicine. We will see if they have a new view point.


I have been told I have a "psychological resistance" to injuring my left side further. Which in turn leads me to guard my left side and pull back on activities. Which I am told is the exact opposite of what I need to be doing. I however am terrified of ending up back in the emergency room and on bedrest again.


I did find horseback riding to be really good therapy for my leg. It was really shocking how hard it was to get my left leg to get into position. My right followed muscle memory no problem, my left was completely out of line and very hard to work with. I would love to add riding to my therapy program ;)


I will look into Pilates. I tried yoga but it was too much "folding up" and flared the pain too badly.


I am also eating an anti inflammatory diet and dh has altered his schedule to give me time in the gym every morning. Our rental actually has it's own private gym in the garage. All the fancy equipment and everything. Dh is leaving for 6 weeks right after Christmas however.


I am still fighting. Just frustrated with my body.

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I have the same experience as Lissa. I went to 4 months of physical therapy for my back/hips and the sports chiropractor was able to make things substantially better in 5 visits. Blew my mind and I swear by it now. 


A few years ago, I did something to my arm. I tried the suggested physical therapy for 3 weeks and then decided to go to my chiropractor and she fixed me right up. It seems that physical therapy doesn't work as well for my body as chiropractic therapy does. 


Keep trying different things and see what will work for you. Hopefully something will help with your pain. (HUGS)

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