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I'm moving




I've decided to move out of my roommate's condo.


Perhaps it's not the greatest financial decision - but it won't be too much more expensive.


I just NEED NEED NEED NEED my own place. I can't continue to live out of one bedroom. My mental health depends on moving on.


I signed a lease for eight months which will end in August - hopefully I can transition directly from my apartment to a house because with any luck at all the divorce will be over by then.


I signed a lease on a two bedroom one bathroom bottom floor apartment that allows large dogs. Levi is over 50 pounds already.


My payment is 759 a month which includes sewer. I get a free gym membership and it has a pool and running paths around the complex.


I will have to pay extra for electricity and internet - I don't care about cable - I just need fast internet to work from home.


I move on December 5th - I'm really excited - I've not had my very own place to live since 2002 when I got married.


I don't have any kitchen stuff - but I have a couch which I can sleep on until I get a bed and I have a desk for my work machines. I do have a crockpot and a stock pot. I have some dishes and mugs - I have one set of sheets and some washcloths and a couple of towles.


I know this may not be the best financial decision - but I can easily afford it - I have no car payment and I NEED MY OWN PLACE...

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Happy for you!   


Please.....make sure that you get out of the house daily and have adult contact multiple times a week.  I know that you work from home so it gets to be easy to play "hermit" when living by yourself, especially when you're not feeling at the top of your game.    Keep up the progress you've been making and just add to it. 


Good luck with the move.  :-)

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Yes, having your own place is a good move towards your future. Your roomate sure helped you out, the time is now at hand to step out if that is what your heart is telling you.


You gotta walk that dog everyday! That will get you out:)

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So you said a couple of times that this isn't the best financial decision.  Why? I'm really curious as to what your other options are and why they would be financially superior to getting a modest apartment?  Excluding being homeless and living out of a tent of coarse :P

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I agree with the others, this is a step in the right direction.  While technically it might be cheaper to rent a room from your friend, you can't do that forever.  You had to do this at some point.  Great job finding something affordable and best of luck with the move!

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I am so happy for you :) it sounds like you have a great plan in place. I think having your own place again will be great for you :)

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Freedom this is excellent! Enjoy your new place. It sounds like the perfect transition. 


Since you work from home of the second bedroom is dedicated office space I believe you can write it off on your taxes. 

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I wish you lived near me, my ILs just downsized and have a futon and kitchen stuff to give away.  I would have loved being able to help! 


I'm glad you are giving yourself a space that is your own, I actually think it is really important as you get used to this new phase of life to be able to establish yourself in your own place.

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Congratulations! Because you said affordability is not a question, I don't see this as a financial decision. In my opinion, this is a quality of life decision, and I think you made the right choice.


The gym and pool will be great in helping you stay active and battle your depression. The running paths will also be great for you, but also for Levi. Having a place to call your own is a big and wonderful next step in getting back to being "you." I know when I first lived on my own after being in a relationship I had thought would end in marriage, it took a while for me to find out who I was when it was just me again. By living without a roommate, you'll get to do that now. No wonder you're excited, I'm excited for you!


I hope your move goes smoothly and that you enjoy settling into YOUR new place! I'm sure you and Levi will do just fine.

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Awesome decison, i hope you are setteling in well!


I have truly lived alone one year of my life May 1999-May 2000!!!


I miss it at times!  I agree get out daily, meet your neighbors enjoy that included gym!!! 

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