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Furnace died



We've been struggling. No two ways about it. It was a nice boost to have the truck paid off. We went crazy. It wasn't pretty. And then, the furnace died. Full replacement necessary. $5000.


I am laying most of it out there. You can't beat on me more than I've beaten on myself, and I don't need to beat on myself any more. 2015 has been a very, very rough year on us. I'm ready to move on.


New debt total is unknown. Around $42,o00 once the money clears from the furnace. Student loans are coming due since I left my program.


It's time to get serious.


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Do you know anybody (reliable, etc, of course) who does this work on the side? It would save you a fair amount of money.

And get a few different bids at least if you haven't already.

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ok, well awesome!  Time to start kicking behind again!  Maybe you needed the "wake up call" of the furnace, but now that you've got it..... have you worked out a budget?  Have you pulled your credit report?  Collected up the bills?  Run through the bank accounts?  Started figuring out where you are?  Figured out how long it will take with the new numbers?


You could continue to beat yourself up, or put on your big girl panties and start working from here.  Everyone screws up.  That's life.  The big deal is where you go from there.


Let's see... upside.... you don't have a truck payment to work through!  That one is done.  =0)  Do you still have your BEF?  If yes, then there's another bonus.  Keep going!

Good luck!  You know we'll all help in whatever way we can!

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Thanks momto6!  Made me smile!


We do have a budget - we do have our $1000 BEF back - we have not yet figured out exactly where we are. I started that last night - will do a little more tonight - but may not have the full picture until the weekend.  And then we need to run it through the debt snowball calculator again. 


Thanks!!  :)  <3

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