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Vacation Chronicles




We have made it to KY to drop off the kids with my parents. Oh the stories I could tell. We drove from 8pm to 8am. There were deserted gas stations, women with tire irons, porta potties in the woods, gas stations with bars on every window and door, etc. It wasn't dull.


Today dh and I head to TN to check onto our chalet. I am flat out exhausted, this should be an interesting vacation.

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My husband can't sleep past 7am and it is a one room cabin. He tries to let me sleep in but I am a mom, I wake up as soon as someone starts moving around.


So far we are having fun. We went to a microbrewery last night for pizza and beer then went on a walk down the strip. Today is football and a get together with dh's ex-fiance, her husband, and kids. My parents found that weird. They broke up 16yrs ago though and have an autistic son the same age as our autistic daughter so we have a lot in common.


I am crazy excited to go to biltmore and horseback riding later in the week :)

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I can't edit. Dh and ex-fiance broke up 16yrs ago. She and her current husband have an autistic son the same age as our autistic daughter.

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He has been home all day everyday for the last month. While we are enjoying time together alone we are also enjoying the time to relax with out demands being placed on either of us. Being able to just sit down and veg out for a few minutes every so often is as big a draw as a candlelight dinner.


Yesterday was a lot of fun. We ended up going to a late movie as well as hanging out with friends. We stumbled out of the theater at midnight feeling very old and tired. Today is a full day out and about :) we are heading out to brunch and then North Carolina sight seeing. I am looking forward to the winery this afternoon :)

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