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So far, so good




Raeanna is on her third day back at school and so far, I think things are improving greatly.


First, I have to say, she did say this weekend she didn't want to go back to school. This was the first time she has ever said that. I asked her why and she said that it was hard to follow directions and that she was afraid to pull a card (she is referring to the class management technique of having green cards, yellow cards, and red cards-green is good, yellow is warning, red is bad-you get the idea.) Now, she hasn't pulled a card at all this year. She pulled one last year after looking at another kid's paper while taking a spelling test. That's the only time she has had to pull a yellow card in the whole time she's been at school and she only had to after she was told multiple times not to look at someone else's paper. Anyway, she was all sorts of nervous about going back. So, I talked to her about it. I did NOT say anything to try to "butter her up" to homeschooling or anything like that. I responded as if I was never even considering homeschooling, because knowing my kid, I didn't want to make her anxiety worse (and I have learned a lot from having one high anxiety kid already.) I did tell her that if she didn't have to go to school, she would still have to do school work at home. I tried to be as neutral as I could, I didn't talk about doing things like nature walks or making crafts all day (though I would try to incorporate as much as I could,) but at the same time, I didn't try to make it out to be awful either, with sitting at the table and doing worksheets all day either. I didn't present it as a REAL option, only because I was (and am) still not sure I want to go that route, though the more I research the more I am confident that I CAN do it and that it might even be enjoyable.


Anyway, so, she went to school on Monday. I dropped her off at the "circle" rather that walk her into the building, which was the highlight of her morning and she was excited and ready to go. When I picked her up, I checked in with the teacher. She said Raeanna had a GREAT day. She said she was working hard on making sure to raise her hand when she needed help, raise her hand and ask for the teacher to slow down when she needed to catch up on something they were working on as a group and generally just seemed to be really focused on doing what she was supposed to. Which is FANTASTIC, because that's something we have talked about a lot. AND, when Raeanna came home, she seemed to be more relaxed too, which is good. When we sat to do homework, there was a single math paper, the spelling list and then the speech book and a single book to read for her extra reading. No CVC or sight words practice at all...I think the teacher was paying attention when I was discussing the amount of work with the reading teacher (I didn't get to discuss it with her at the PTC because of Rae being sick and the other two being...kids lol.)


Tuesday was more of the same. Homework was the math worksheet, the math facts sheet (which, btw, she was able to do ALL on her own, in a short amount of time, and got all right, I was very pleased.) and then spelling practice, and then just one book for extra reading. All of them took less than half an hour. And again, high praise from the teacher for her remembering to raise her hand to ask for help or to slow down a bit, greatly improved focus, etc. SO, I am pleased with that.


As such, supplements have been going ok. Yesterday, we did a supplemental math lesson based partially on the addition they are doing in class, and partially on the repeated addition talked about in the Leap Frog math video they watched after school due to the rain. She liked it, she got it, and built on it a bit. She also started writing her birthday wish list, on her own. We are going to work on that a bit more today. Oh, and Dani Lee and CJ also enjoyed the math lesson LOL.


SO, so far, school is going better. I am still undecided, still researching, but I have time. I am still leaning towards doing homeschool for the second half of the year, but we will see.

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I'm so glad she is doing well this week!


Keep in mind, sometimes it takes a good 2-3 months into the new school year for kids to get into "the swing of things". She may be that type of kid. It really sounds like you have a good teacher who listened to you. I'm willing to bet she either wasn't given the information on Raeanna, or, she has a bunch of kids with IEP's & hadn't caught up yet. Do keep up communication with her, either through an email or a phone call. She will appreciate it!


Also know that Rae may "fall back" a smidge after holidays, esp. the Christmas break. The time off is great mentally/physically, but it has it's own set of "issues".


YAY for a good week :D

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Today is Monday of week 2 back.  Because she did so good remembering to turn in her homework and raising her hand to ask for help and getting her classwork done, she gets to be picked up at "the circle" this week instead of me walking to the classroom and checking her bags and desk before we leave.  And she was SO excited.  "Best Day Ever!"


When they got home, I immediately shipped everyone outside with what's left of their Halloween candy and the bag of grapes from Raeanna's lunch and told them they could have an afterschool snack picnic outside.  It's a beautiful day, because of the time change the sun will set at like 5:30 and that's just going to get earlier as the days go on.  We are going to take advantage of outside time while we can.  Once they were out the door, I took a look at Raeanna's bookbag. 




She has the standard math page and math facts page.  Then of course practicing spelling.  Then sight words are back, a total of 18 of them.  On top of all that the newsletter says "please practice these math facts each night to help your child memorize them"  and lists all the 'doubles' ie 2+2, 4+4 etc up to 9+9.  Then it says "please make sure your child gets 20 minutes of reading each night and remember to keep track in the yellow folders" also!  Yellow folders are what they are using to track the school wide reading program, which is like book it or books and beyond.  It does mention that all sight word practice, spelling, reading homework etc, can all count towards that 20 minutes.  But still!  And that is just regular class work.  There is also still one book for speech and one book for the extra reading program (I think there are only 2 more weeks left on that.) 


It's just so much, IMO.  Going back to the math for a minute, we already have a math facts page coming home, why does there need to be EXTRA math facts memorization on top of that?  For Raeanna, she already has a lot of the basic math facts memorized or close to it, and that comes just from practicing them.  But, really, adding up all that,


1st math sheet 5 to 10 min

2nd math sheet 5 to 10 min

practice spelling 5 to 10 min

practice sight words 10ish min

practice math facts 5 to 10min

extra reading 10ish min

speech 10ish min


Thats 50 to 70 minutes! 


I will probably haul the kids back in around 5ish.  We will do the 2 math work sheets, practice spelling, and then do the extra reading and the speech.  I am not going to mess with sight words and I am just going to mark down the total homework time in the yellow folder.  We will get to sight words tomorrow because there won't be any speech.  That extra math facts practice simply isn't going to happen because its redundant. 

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Why don't you do the math when you eat dinner? That's what we do with our DD and DS. We just ask them math questions while they are eating, and to them it's a game.


For reading, why don't you turn on the closed captions for their favorite TV show and ask them to read along with the program? That has helped our DD out with reading. And I count that as reading...Now you have to watch the show with her and pause it sometimes to make sure she is reading along, instead of just watching.


Don't get stuck in that reading must be done around the table. There are so many opportunities to read, and as a parent we should introduce those different ways to our children.

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Oh, we totally change up location and stuff.  Today, I managed to get the whiteboard working again, so she wanted to do everything on that.  Totally fine.


As far as her extra reading practice, she has specific books with a worksheet with questions she has to answer. 

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