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More October (glad it's a long month)




I'm over here getting all kinds of stuff done. *Go me.


Sent the snowball to the mortgage yesterday --- we're at $53119 remaining.


In anticipation of hitting our YE goal by December 31 --- I've got an appointment tomorrow with the tile shop to start to look at my kitchen renovation options. Renovation should probably be in quotes --- all I'm looking at is new countertops, and probably new backsplash. I'm excited and nervous, but this is one of those things that once we get it done we'll probably kick ourselves for not doing it sooner. I just hope what I want is within our budget. I guess I'll find out tomorrow!


I got my EIN for my small business today. Now I can open my Vanguard account and stash EVEN MORE money into retirement savings and delay EVER MORE taxes in the process.


I'm so proud of myself for knocking these things off my list.


Next up:

1. pick paint colors, sample them, schedule a weekend to get started on that big project.

2. keep after my part time job so that we can afford to get all of the projects done, continue to pay down the mortgage aggressively, and fully fund retirement.

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Thanks, Knitmom!  I'm feeling pretty good!


I have my DH coming home from work early today to watch the kids while I go do parent-teacher conferences.  I've decided to take some time after I'm finished to go to Steinmart (closest store that sells clothes) to buy myself 1 pair of pants and 1 shirt, so that I'll have something that fits me and is decent to wear to the meeting with the interior designer tomorrow.  I realized the biggest part of my anxiety really is my appearance, and the fear that I look dumpy. (I had no trouble setting up the appointment over the phone, so while procrastination is a problem, anxiety really doesn't apply to phone calls for me.)  


I think I need to schedule a hair cut / style for the weekend so that I can continue to improve my self esteem.  I am actually a very self confident person, it's this dang "Mommy Who Hasn't Slept or Had a Decent Haircut in a Decade" look that I need to get past!  I want a personal stylist.

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I think I need to schedule a hair cut / style for the weekend so that I can continue to improve my self esteem.  I am actually a very self confident person, it's this dang "Mommy Who Hasn't Slept or Had a Decent Haircut in a Decade" look that I need to get past!  I want a personal stylist.



I had a discussion with a dear friend about that topic.  I kind of felt bad suggesting that they get some pants that fit (they were wearing a full size too large) because I know $$ is tight for the friend.  I was able to find better quality pants for them to purchase than they had been (generally shop at Walmart) for the same price as the Walmart price.    What I think has happened with that friend is that they feel that they are being "frugal" when I think it borders on "cheap".     Once my friend got a pair of pants that fit and didn't feel like they looked "sloppy", there was an immediate change in their self esteem in front of others.  

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Yesterday I bought 1 pair skinny/straight jeans, 1 pair leggings (ack!), 1 blouse, and 1 bra that fits that is not a nursing bra!  YAY  I felt so much more confident this morning getting out.

This morning I met with a designer and I picked countertop material/color, settled on a paint color, picked some backsplash options & brought samples home.  I think I'm not feeling the backsplash options like I thought I would.  I'm probably going to go cheaper -- the options I chose were mega expensive (of course), but bringing them home they feel too fancy for us.  I haven't gotten final pricing on the slabs of countertop, but they're giving me builder pricing because I'm in the business.  ;)   Of course now that I saw the beautiful showroom, I want to redo the master bath.  One project at a time.

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That's awesome! It can be so hard to let go of the money over something that can be so easily viewed as a "want", but the truth is that clothing is part of the 4 walls and if we don't have correctly fitting or appropriate items, we truly cannot operate at our best because it Does affect our confidence and motivation in so many areas of life.


I just bought a $12 pair of Capri yoga/workout pants because the leggings I was wearing are starting to wear down at the seams and I really want to reward myself for actually going to the gym and keep up the motivation. Cuz, you know, a pair of yoga pants is much cheaper then buying 3 new pairs of pants to fit my bigger butt this winter! ,-)

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Countertops are high, but I'm going to do them anyway.

I figured it out like this: we're using a really good shop, not home depot or the like, and we want a good install.  I am justifying the total cost by realizing that I cook in that kitchen every day.  Every.Day.  We spend so little eating out as a family, that we could probably do the changes I want for less than the typical family of five spends on restaurant food in a years time.  Easily.  Plus we have the sinking fund.

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I'm now getting estimates on demo and backsplash tile install. Picked the backsplash today and have a quote on the countertop. It won't be installed until January as there's an 8 week lead time.


I am excited! It will be beautiful, although double what I thought it would cost. I'm using the next two months to pad the sinking fund.

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