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2015- October



I'm holding on to a large (for us) snowball....


Several things.

1. We haven't gotten hospital bills yet from son's September visit -- I do know how much it'll be, approximately.

2. DH may be taking a new job soon-ish, he's on his third interview and inside lines say he'll be getting an offer. No pressure to take it (as he likes his current job), but if it's a substantial pay raise.... we just don't know yet. Should probably get an offer in hand before thinking further. (Shhh!!!)

3. I still really want to do some work on the house, so I'm weighing whether I'd rather have a deck & new countertops or pay the mortgage down with that money instead.


I'm trying to get more hours in on my at-home job so that we can cashflow the medical bills without touching our snowball. That would be FANTASTIC. I didn't have any work the first week and a half of October, so I was getting really worried that the work was drying up. Turns out that the guy I contract with is terrible at communication (and he just wasn't returning my emails). I do have enough to work on now, so I'm trying to take advantage of it and get those hours billed.


Christmas is going to be smaller this year, I think. I'd rather have new countertops! (Sorry kids.) :)


Travel is back to being cheaper, as hotels are no longer necessary, we can stay with step-dad again. YAY. That was expensive going to visit when we were relegated to a hotel.


We cash flowed a fancy new grill/smoker for DH earlier this month. It was worth it. He built a table for it, so we saved money there by not buying a stand/pre-made table. It still wasn't cheap, but we grill out all year long and use it often.


I should probably do a mock up of our taxes to make sure we're okay -- still need to do our charitable donations and pay property taxes early.


I want the mortgage gone, but I always have a hard time letting go of money to do it when we've got a lump sum higher than our normal snowball.

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Countertops! I faux painted mine granite last weekend. Love it! Great update for less than $30, Still have the other side to do this weekend, as the finished peninsula was lots of work. The Giani would have required more than one kit, so not in my budget..I have pictures. Will get someone tech savvy to help me post. Colors took some work to get just right, it was worth the time.

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Our countertops are tile, so no painting. I just have to go ahead and make the appointment for an estimate so we know the ballpark and how to prioritize it.



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I just threw our snowball.  Nearly $3500.

Now we wait on the medical bills and work many hours this week to give cash for another nice snowball next month.

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