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It's nice to be appreciated!




I'm dealing with a lot of health stuff right now. I HAVE to have gluten to find out if what is going on with my body is also Celiac. It isn't just a question of whether not eating it made me feel better but the doctors and I need to know what is really happening to me so I might actually start healing properly. So, I've got headaches and awful dry skin again... my stomach hurts every day again as well but luckily that side effect hasn't been as harsh as I thought it would because the lactose free dairy is helping.


Because of all of this, I work VERY hard to make sure that my class is run properly and my health doesn't affect it. I don't know about other teachers (we are for sure having trouble with the other 4 year old teacher) but I run my class the way I would like someone to be teaching my own children. I challenge them, I actually complete my lesson plan almost every day and I treat those kids with a loving but firm when needed demeanor. I work HARD for my kids... I'm actually working on a binder which will have all my lesson plans (I'm still working on them) to the end of the year. I'm worried I will get sick from the gluten or whatever else is going on and my class will fall apart. I'm going to make all the copies, everything.


Apparently the parents have been saying really good things about me. Friday I wasn't feeling well (I've got c-diff and an ear infection so I'm on a lot of antibiotics which are hurting my stomach) and Hope got sick. I couldn't take the stress anymore and we were in ratio with both classes combined so I asked the other teacher to come with her kids and let me go talk to the director and assistant director. They are people I would be friends with if I just happened to know them, we have a great relationship. They helped me calm down, chatted with me about what is going on with my health and how they could help support me... and then they told me that they are hearing from parents in other age groups that my parents are raving about me. I have trouble getting compliments sometimes but at that moment it did a lot to help me feel better.


I was also sent early on my lunch break and was told to take extra time if I needed it. They said the other teacher could handle both classes for awhile, I carry her class enough. They said they were getting so much positive feedback that they were starting to think they would let me keep my class next year and just work part time, as long as my hours covered the main learning time of the day which they actually would. So, now I'm working on getting the work from home job but considering staying with my current job as well and not just working from home if I can. I love teaching, I'm good at it and if they are that willing to work with me just to keep me that says maybe that is exactly where I need to be.


It's all going to depend on my health, I have to get things under control. Right now the c-diff doesn't seem too severe because she said just to make sure I take the antibiotic and come in when it was done to get tested again.


Oh, and to top it all off, my sister in law is about to start chemo for breast cancer. She's got 4 kids and I am praying we can find ways to be supportive even if it is just emotionally and providing some dinners. So much to deal with...


Sorry this is all over the place, I just needed to get it all out and written down to start figuring it out in my head. I also need to do part 3 of my test for the other job and keep working on my lesson plans.

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