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well, there you go!




So since this is my bog i can say whatever I want right? Obviously i have been part of a somewhat drama filled post recently. And, while i said thst the opinions of others are fine and i did respond and defrnd myself somewhat, since this here is my blog i will say and address what i feel like.


There was a particular line about "kangaroo meat,....and gourmet meals at home." i want to point that out...AT HOME. DH and I havent been out to eat together in MONTHS. And, while we have totally purchased the occasional fast food/drive thru meal, its ALWAYS been within either the grocery/blow money budget. AND i am not justifying that at all, because its a flaw. if i have all these pounds of chickrn i should use them instead of buying fried chicken. Regardless of whether its within the grocery budget or not.


However, the whole "at home" got me too. It felt as if the implication was that now, not only should those who are struggling not go out to eat, but they should only eat PB&J at home too. I have FIVE people here to feed. I am trying to feed them good high quality food. i am working with some picky kids, 2 of which might be on the ASD spectrum. I just can't see $600 for all the food AND toiletries, misc household and such, as excessive or outside of DR's recommendations. And if i can use my $600 a month/$150 a week to buy a side of beef, to build a stockpile of food that is similar to ehat was a VITAL part of getting us through DHs unemployment AND STILL eat GOOD food on top of that, well, REALLY? Most of the country can't figure out hot to buy ONLY food for 5 on that budget. i have food and TP and soap and laundry detergent on that. and it doesn't even count cloth diapers for CJ.


Another mention was piling up cash instead of paying this debt. the idea being that this was storm cloud mode. while i get it, the reality is that we have been in storm for TWO YEARS. And that doesn't count the years prior where we were deal with pregnancies or kids being sick. Remember CJ being in the hospital for a week at 4 months old? Cause I do. And then there are things with Caiti that i am not willing to share for her privacy that also went on that year.


We CANNOT stay in storm cloud mode forever. We have certainly had our share of "non DR situations" I would classify those as our trip to Disney in Oct 2013 (given whats happened since, dont regret it for a second) and MAYBE my garage sale trips. But, i can't say that i believe that my lack of steady income from A J.O.B. or that eating somewhat fancy stuff AT HOME, are the real reasons we are where we are. and is this is what life is throwing at us, i am doing what i think is best given what we have been thrown. I think that sometimes you have to move forward. Storm cloud mode isnt supposed to last 2+ years.

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I didn't think anything about the kangaroo meat. Wouldn't that be like roadkill if you lived in Australia?


Hope you get out of storm cloud mode soon.

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I admire how well you've weathered your many storms.


A warning: if you get used to eating at home all the time, next time you go out you'll be really disappointed. :)

I've gotten to be such a good cook that nothing around us is worth going out to. Such a problem to have!

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I stated in the post that you have an awesome spreadsheet system in place for shopping. You are doing your best and have quite a system in place to get the best deals. Yes, better than a number of people. Could I do better? Yep! But we do pretty darn good.


You hang in there! Prayers for the house to be sold, so you can have that unknown gone...

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According to the USDA, for the Thrifty Plan, you'd need more than $600 to feed the five of you so I think you are doing an awesome job!

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Tonight's dinner is Italian Roast Beef, using one of the roasts from the freezer.  Yesterday's turkey creole used up the last of the leftover turkey and we are going to use the last whole turkey next week.  I am LOVING the freezer inventory sheet that DH made for me. 


On Friday, I pulled $250 out for the grocery envelope for the next two weeks.  Of that, I have $95 left.  I got $36 worth of fresh veggies from Fresh Thyme (I love that place and I love when my mom is coming out and she stops there for me on the way. )  I also replenished the shrimp in the fridge because all the shrimp we had has been used up.  At $3.99 a lb, that's a great price.  The rest, I spent at Meijer getting flour, sugar, and spices for the most part.  A couple of produce items that were a better deal at Meijer than Fresh Thyme.  The spices were on sale at Meijer, plus a 50c off digital coupon that worked for EACH one (unusual) so I stocked up.  Which is good, cause when I went to see what we needed, we were out of like ALL the spices.  Thyme, Rosemary, Ginger, etc etc.  Even so, spices can be a bit expensive in terms of price per ounce, so replacing all that ate up a lot of the grocery budget.  The flour and sugar didn't though!  I got 15lbs of flour and 15lbs of sugar, plus a small box of baking soda, all for $7.  Wooo Whoo! 


Next week's menu is already planned and the grocery list is already made, and I should come in right at that $95.  Less if we don't use all the produce this week.  Depends on how often DH gets leftovers vs salad in his lunch. 


Today I need to go out and get a couple of gallons of milk, but I have a $5 gift card to walmart that I won recently, so I am going to use that to buy the milk.  I think it's running $2.50 a gallon at Walmart, so that should cover 2 gallons.  If I need to I will pick up a CVS card from Perk and use that later this week.  I also need to go the bank and deposit some change, our change jar is full so that will go into savings for storm cloud mode (which, btw, we ARE still doing ALSO.  Paying off this debt actually WON'T leave us at $1k BEF and nothing else. )  I also need to pick up a car part for DH's muffler-he had to order it so I am picking it up (yay for maint. evelope!) and I need to put gas in my van.


Also I need to get the grey van ready to sell and get it listed later this week.  The problem with it IS repairable, it's just that DH can't do it.  If someone else already has the equipment and the space, they could repair it pretty cheaply.  Which means its probably worth a little more than scrap value, if only a couple hundred.  That money is ALSO being set aside. 


SO, there's all that.  I have some errands to run, and then later today, I have a lesson to try out with the kids.  I am going to go get my work done. 

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It's all personal finance & only you & your DH can make the decisions.  


You have one of the tightest, most awesome grocery spending budges I've ever seen.  I feed less people & probably spend more on worse food.


I am one of the ones who said pile up cash in an effort to be prepared for a low offer.  I would much rather get out from under the tens of thousands looming from the house than pay off a small CC.  Again... that is me.  I think the frustration from other board members comes from the "we've been here forever" posts.  Yes, you have, but you were also cautioned against buying a house before the other sold.  You were convinced it would sell in weeks.  However, you were not willing to wait the few weeks to join DH.  


We all make our choices.  We all have to live with them... good or bad.  When we put them on a financial board, you get opinions... good & bad... about your choices.  Again... it's a choice to post here.

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