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Confessions of the balanced budget




I finally worked up the nerve to balance out the budget. With the move, setting up the new house, and dh coming home from his deployment we went $500 over budget. $300 of that was for legal requirements on my van!


We could have covered the overage from our checking account but that would have left us only $70 for the rest of the month (after all bills paid). We decided we have been through a unique experience and had enough stress in our lives for a long time. We decided to take the $500 from the emergency fund and return to life as normal asap.


I feel ridiculously guilty for doing so. I also feel a lot less stressed out by the finances.


Must be my inner Catholic but I feel better now that I have confessed ;)

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Confession is good for the soul! I like your line about working up the nerve with the budget. Even when things get away from us a bit, as you have had your hands more than full, we will face the music and get back on track.

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It doesn't really sound too bad if you had a budget, and underestimated by $500.  I wouldn't feel too guilty about that.


What I would be more concerned with is the big picture over the deployment period.  If I recall correctly, there was supposed to be higher income due to the deployment and lower expenses due to free rent.  That would translate to some good progress on your current step - BS3, right? 

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It would have meant some awesome progress however the deal with the house here in Jersey caused some big problems. The $5000 for the deposit and first months rent, the security deposit not getting returned, the flight back in June to pack everything, the cost of multiple uhauls, the storage unit, the deposits on new utilities, etc. It would have been much cheaper to have just held the original house while we were gone as planned. Having to move out and find a new.house was extremely expensive.

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My oldest daughter overheard me saying we were going to sue the old landlord. She accused me of not turning the other cheek and forgiving the one who wronged me. I really need to look at this from a Biblical perspective. I however have not had the time to really dig into it. I will put that on my list for today.

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There is a biblical admonition to not sue another Christian.  This man is clearly not a Christian.   He has literally stolen from you and has given you no other avenue to recover what he owes you IMO.  I think you can forgive someone and still stand up for your rights.

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You could get local media involved. Man refuses to return deposit to local military family with six kids.


This is not a biblical issue. Spend that time filling out paperwork for getting the lawsuit started.

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It does Plinda, Thank you.


A group of us have been discussing it and agree that there is no clear cut Biblical reference either way. I have followed Matthew 18. I have prayed about it and spoken to a Titus 2 mentor.


I am not angry, resentful, or consumed by greed. I have forgiven him and moved on with my life. I would like to use my strength to prevent him from hurting anyone weaker in the future. I can not do that if I do not pick up the fight.


I have printed out the form and pulled up the address it needs to be sent to. I will fill it out this evening and get it in the mail tomorrow.


I know I am driving you all nuts by not immediately going for his throat since he is so clearly in the wrong. I hope you all understand my need to follow scripture matters a great deal more to me than any dollar amount.

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Your head and heart are in the right place.  It's not personal, it's just a business transaction.  You file and the judge will apply the law as it should be.  Good luck.

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Your head and heart are in the right place.  It's not personal, it's just a business transaction.  You file and the judge will apply the law as it should be.  Good luck.


Yes, exactly.  It's business.  When people breach contracts, there are procedures to follow.  Since he is not responding, you are simply enforcing your contract.   

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