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Updated freezer inventory



I didn't do a good job keeping track, so did a new inventory last week. Here is the updated version - now updated through tonight:

Category / Item Total


Salmon fillets - individ 7 6 (had one for lunch Monday)

Ham pieces - baggie 1

Ham hunks - baggie 5

Ham slices - baggie 7

Breaded fish - individ 8

Chicken Rotisserie - baggie 2

Bacon - baggie 3

Pork chops - boneless - lb 1

Beef sausage - lb 1

Beef stew meat - lb 1

Deli meat - blk forest ham .4 lb 1

Chicken breast - 1.25 lb 1

Chicken breast BBQ ?? - baggie 2 1 (took 1 out of freezer to eat on Wed - it is rotisserie for 3 meals)

Beef, ground raw 8 Salmon - large (1 # - 2 #) 15 11 (sold 4 to a friend)

Chicken whole 4 lb 1



Chicken pot pies 7

Eggplant Parm 1

Amy's sm veg lasagna 2

Swedish meatballs 2 1 (dinner tonight)

Frozen dinners - assorted 6



Flour tortillas 0.75

Marshmallows 0.5

Choc chips - 2/3 cup? 1

Garden seeds 1

Flour - 2 cups? 1

Butter 1

Waffles 1

Pecans 2



Strawberries, org, 10 oz 1

Cherries, org, 3 lb? 1



Brocolli w/ cheese sauce 1

Brussel sprouts 1.5 partial bag used for lunch & dinner today

California blend 1

Green beans 1 .5 cooked 1/2 bag Wed to eat Wed & Thurs

Peas - 3 open; 1 new 2.5

Corn 1


The large salmon fillets are from Zaycon and at least two of them are sold to friends, but haven't been paid for or picked up yet.


The 6 frozen meals and 2 swedish meatballs are from this past week - they were on sale and I like to have something on hand for when I need a quick easy meal.


The chicken pot pies were from about a month ago. I buy the box of 8 when on sale at CostCo - they are my "go to" food for when I don't feel good - like when I take my monthly calcium absorption pill.

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Sounds like you have lots of go-to meals on hand.  Doing an inventory is always helpful--and motivational. 

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I have one all written out and have been pretty good about using from our inventory.  We have added some meats to the inventory, hard to pass up sales.  I'm trying to keep track of what is used and added so I don't need to constantly re-inventory every time.


I also added to the inventory with some prepared meals.  Sort of a trade off from using something we had but prepared into a meal. 

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