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Slow month next month




Well I'm a slowly working my way through baby step2 and I look so forward to throwing my snow balls. I just did my budget for next month and there won't be a snow ball. I am so disappointed. All extra will be taken up by car insurance coming due and a car repair that is on the horizon. It's so frustrating, my car. Every two months like clock work it seems I'm paying out another $500 or so on a repair. Of course everyone around me is telling my to just go out and buy another car. Well I don't have the money to buy another car but the tempation is all around. Here's to seeing me through this challenge.


After this month, I'm going to start saving up for a better minivan. I'm a foster parent and have three kids currently so a large vechile is necessary. I'm licensed for four kids but as this is my first placment they've cut me off until these kids go home. On the up side of this, I really love being a foster parent and have been told that it's something that I'm good at. It's nice to finally have found my niche. I suppose it just goes to show that you really should listen to that little voice that tells you that you should do something.


Another bright sunny spot is Easter is coming. I can't wait. I already have the Easter gifts for the kids and between the Easter Egg Hunt in town and the Children's Easter Service at church all the entertainment for next weekend is taken care of. Plus my parent's have invited us over for Easter lunch and small egg hunt and activities for the kids.


And of course the weather has been beautiful. We walked up to the school today for the kids to play on the playground. Since the kids are in pre-school it's a real treat to go the elementary school and play on the big kid's play ground. Having several parks around is a blessing, plus it's nice to have entertainment that doesn't tempt me to spend any money, the kids are thrilled with sippy cups of water and the play grounds. During the winter we wound up at the play place in the mall which means tempation all around. Althought I really well with not spending while we were there. Probably the weekend after next, we'll take a picnic lunch to one of the parks and let the kids run themselves ragged.


Oh and my mother watched the kids last night while I went to a work awards party and when she came over she brought over two tomato plants for the garden. So not only did I get a free dinner last night with actual adults but I have a start to my garden this year.


Happy spring everyone.



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It sounds like having those kids is great for all of you! I have a friend who fosters/adopts and she's such a motherly type the kids all love her right away.


I had a period of that with my car last year, between DH's and my cars we spent over $4K that year on car repairs. But it's slowed way down, I think it was just everything hitting at once.

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Just remember..... even without a snowball, if you are still making the "monthly payments" you are moving forward! Mybe just a little tiny bit, but it's forward, in the direction you want to be going, so it counts!


Here's hoping that this is the last "fix" for awhile!

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