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Here we go..




The farmhouse is packed and cleaned. The kids and I moved in with my parents for the two days before we head back to Jersey. Two days is a loooong time to bite your tongue. If I hear on more time how I have "gone off the deep end" or our children will be "unable to handle adulthood" because we will not have tv in Jersey I may scream.


Anyways. The meals are frozen. I just have to go to the store Wed morning when the budget resets to get the sandwich makings and snacks. We leave Wednesday night.


I am ready to get this over with!



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You are almost there! You can do this. Tough to hear constant criticism. Can you take the kids to the park or something to stay away from the folks house during the day?

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NO TV!  Isn't that child abuse?  Quick call CPS.  LOL.


Have a safe trip, a wonderful reunion, and enjoy the new home. 

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My dad shot the TV when my brothers were little, they literally grew to their teen years with no TV.  I don't see the big deal.


I hope you don't bite through your tongue and your drive back goes well!

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Thanks y'all. Tomorrow is the day! I have the utilities switched and everything ready to load up. I am having a bit of an issue with the uhaul trailer. The company I am supposed to do the pick up at isn't answering their phone and their voicemail is full.

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