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Well Crap




Can I just have a mini tantrum?


DH isn't even home from his current six month deployment and he already has orders for another month away after he gets home.



We will be fine. We are always fine. I would just like to have my husband home for a few months straight.


Grumbling over. I have an entire house to clean and pack by myself and a kindergarten graduation party to host in three hours.





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That really stinks.  How long will he be home before he has to leave again?  You would think they would cut him a little break in between.  :(

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I just realized this will mean he will miss all six kids birthdays, my birthday, his birthday, our anniversary, etc for the year. That is a lot to miss :(

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Whine all you want. You need an outlet to let off steam.


Is there a chance (I don't know hardly anything about military service) that he could change jobs/positions to one where he wouldn't get deployed as. Frequently?

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Orders are orders. You do as you are told when you are told.


He has considered cross training into a different career field. The problem is that all of those careers deploy as well. You need finance, legal, secretaries, etc at a deployed base just like you need the maintainers and the grunts.

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I am so sorry. I just want to thank you and your husband for the sacrifices you all are going through to ensure our safety and freedom.


Even more reason to stay out of debt and build wealth in order for your DH to retire as soon as possible so that you guys can stay in one place and be together for the rest of your lives.

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