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Well that would be all we need now




We are FINALLY all feeling better. Some lingering coughs, particularly in the morning, and yesterday, CJ had a little bit of a tummy issue, but other than that, we are doing well.


I just got a call from the school nurse. Danika might have been exposed to Chicken Pox. It wasn't a kid in her class, but a kid in her class was in speech therapy at the same time as the pox infected kid. Dani Lee has been vaxed, but hasn't received her last dose yet.


Now, Chix Pox doesn't scare me, all my siblings and I had it as kids, Caiti got it in Kindy, it's one of those childhood things that happens. So, if the kids get it, they get it.


But...dang it, we just got healthy! I do NOT need CP to make it's way through our house. Raeanna is fully vaxed since she had to have it to go to Kindy. But, CJ isn't vaxed yet and Dani Lee needs that last dose. At least DH and I have both had it. But..blah. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will not see it here.


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I did also have to mention...


Now that we are finally feeling better, the house is FINALLY getting back in order.  I can walk through my living room, dining room, most of my kitchen, and the bedroom wasn't that messy to begin with, but it's clean now.


Still some details to work on, but other than the kids rooms, my house is no longer destroyed.  Wooo whoo!

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