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My poor baby



I have never felt worse as a parent than I did today having to hold Hope down for blood work. Why did it make me feel so guilty? She's being checked for inflammation markers in her blood as well as Celiac. I don't know how to handle my baby being sick like I am.


I hear from so many people with IBD that they chose not to have biological children for fear of passing it on. I wasn't diagnosed when I had Naomi but with the twins it was so well controlled I didn't worry about things like that. I am so worried my little Hope is headed towards a life of medicine, constant belly aches, dietary restrictions and possible complications in the future. I know it could be worse, I just feel so bad...


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All test results were normal! I'm so relieved! Now we can work on her belly aches with Miralax and probably a trip to a pediatric allergist to check for food allergies. At least so far there is no evidence of IBD or celiac!

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