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Vacation, re-org at work, and back to school




What a week!


DH and I went on our first nice vacation in 3 years, we went on a cruise to the Bahamas, Key West, and Fort Canaveral. It was great, I really needed the rest for sure! The first 2 days I think I slept 12 hours each day counting naps! We had a lovely time and under spent our (generous) vacation budget by about $200.


We got back on Monday the 19th, pretty much had dinner and went to bed. When I got up to go to work the next day I never realized that my alarm clock had never been reset for daylight savings time, doh! So I was an hour late for work. I soon found out that I had missed a round of layoffs the day before returning, my department was dissolved and it's members spread around including one forced retirement. So really we fared well, no one was let go who hadn't been there for over 40 years!


I'll be moving to a different job function, but one that I think will suit me and my education quite well. I've been reporting to the same person for 5 years also, so a change in that department is welcome!


Then on Wednesday my classes started up again for my MBA. This time I'll be doing 3 classes straight through and then have a month break (for my next vacation - a camping one).


So that's it, I've had an eventful March. None of the changes are bad, but I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine very soon!



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Wow sounds like a lot going on! Glad that the changes are good and welcome. Here's to a more routine April! (I know that I work better that way also)

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Glad you survived the layoff-reorg and that your new position seems to be one that will fit your interests. There was a similar reorg in my workplace last month--didn't affect my position but did affect several of my friends/coworkers. All of them but one successfully applied for new positions--one however who was just 2.5 years from retirement had to leave. I felt really bad for her...

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