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MORE hand me downs!



I know, you all said to stop taking them. My coworker said she had another box of uniform clothes, since Naomi stained so much of her stuff I went ahead and took it. The last box of clothes much of it went to donate, I took some clothing for the girls and a good amount of uniform clothes. Then, I sold most of the uniform clothes that were the wrong style for our school. I only had to do 5 minutes of extra work to sell it and my sweet coworker had car trouble this week so I was happy to surprise her with $20 from selling the extra pieces today.


The bag she gave me had more stuff for Naomi for the winter (I might have too much but if it's only a couple extra pairs of pants I will just stick them in the drawer in case some get holes or what not) as well as some extra uniform pieces again. But, the best part? I found exactly the one item I really hoped to find for Naomi for winter! A long sleeve, navy blue polo dress. She had one last winter but it got too short. I also found the exact jumper another friend needs for her daughter.


Sometimes hand me downs are amazing. Especially if they are exactly what you need at that moment. When Naomi sees her polo dress she will be SO excited!


Plus, now there is a small pile of about 10 more uniform items to sell in the wrong colors. My friend thanked me for the very well timed $20 and said we should split anything else I get 50/50 from selling her clothes. :)

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